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Women's Fashion Clothing

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1 Medieval Fashion - Liceo Calasanzio Carcare
MEDIEVAL FASHION ♦ MEN’S FASHION ♦ WOMEN’S FASHION ♦ CLOTHES OF CHURCHMAN ♦ CLOTHING OF SOLDIERS MEN’S FASHION Man in the Middle Ages wore a tunic as long as the knees tied by a belt or a rope.

2 Powerpoint Presentation
-Softened women’s shoulders because during the war the shoulders on women’s clothing was padded, to look more masculine. -Emphasized women’s hips and pinched in their waists, people thought it was a more scandalous look.

3 Powerpoint Presentation
Our fashion buyers travel to every part of the world for the best materials, latest trends and product variety Over 40,000+ styles (including clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, skincare and lingerie) handpicked for you to impress your friends

4 Roaring Twenties And Women - Johndclare.net
Roaring Twenties and Women How far did the role of women change in the 1920s? Task 1 Read pp. 196-197 and make notes in a table (see below) Women before WW1 Women formed half the population of the USA . Before the war middle-class women were expected to lead restricted lives. The had to wear very restrictive clothing and behave politely. They were not expected to wear make-up. There ...

5 Korea - Ms. Gash's Facs Room
Arial MS Pゴシック Calibri Office Theme Korea Traditional Costumes Hanbok Traditional Costumes School Uniforms Uniforms Bridal Fashion Wedding Styles Korean Men’s Fashion Men’s Fashion Korean Women’s Fashion Women’s Fashion Clothing’s color meanings

6 Roman Clothing And Fashion - North Hunterdon-voorhees ...
Tunica, ae. Basic unit of clothing: Tunica- ankle length, sleeveless or short sleeve garment. Men/boys- tunica belted at waist to be knee length

7 Fashion Through The Ages - Clesenrichment.weebly.com
Corsets, petticoats, bustles and hoops all made women's attire cumbersome. Hats and bonnets were decorated lavishly to match dresses and overcoats. Eligible young women wore clothing that was decorated with flowers and bows, in hopes that the added flair would attract potential husbands.

8 A Fashion Timeline - Images.pcmac.org
Instructions. On the following slides, create a fashion timeline of clothing worn by men and women. Show a picture of the clothing and one relevant historical fact about that period of time.

9 The History Of Fashion: 1930-1939
A fashion designer named, Schiaparelli, made the use of zippers increasingly more common in everyday clothing. Men’s suits were made to use as little fabric as possible and were made in dim colors such as browns and greys.