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The total impact on employment, 13100 additional jobs a year for 10 billion 1980 francs initial expenditure, suggests that the employment content of France Telecom investment has fallen consider­ably since the beginning of the 1980s (assuming strict proportionality, for a billion 1970 francs, slightly under 3000 extra jobs compared with 4200 to 12000 according to the model used at the ...

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The production and processing of wine grapes directly contributed 2,380 jobs or 57 per cent of the total jobs supported by the wine industry in the region. Flow-ons from the production and processing of wine grapes supported 1,800 jobs and were greatest in the trade, …

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The total internal dose due to inhalation exposure (inhalation output + dermal vapour penetration output) is Y + Z = 1.03 Y In this case, an internal dose of about 23.1 mg/kg (0.03 Y) can be calculated, to obtain a total internal dose of 794.1 mg/kg due to inhalation and dermal absorption of PGMA.

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In 2014, there were 795,800 jobs in the creative economy as a whole in London, equivalent to 16.3 per cent of total jobs in the capital. The report shows that London's creative industries are more productive than the average for the city's economy as a whole. Median hourly pay in the creative economy in 2014 was £18.80, compared to a median hourly pay of £15.26 in the non-creative economy ...

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Either the regulations include exhaustive lists (France, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands), or the regulations provide presumptions and/or criteria on sectors/posts reserved, but a case-by-case decision is still necessary (Greece, Spain, Ireland, Finland).

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Then, these Guidelines are incorporated into National Action Plans for Employment (NAPs) that set out what each country intends to do to create more and better quality jobs, during the year in question.

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b. results in a decrease in total surplus, regardless of whether Isoland ends up exporting or importing steel.   c. creates winners, but no losers, if Isoland ends up exporting steel.   d. creates losers, but no winners, if Isoland ends up importing steel.  ____ 17. Suppose France imposes a tariff on wine of 3 euros per bottle. If government revenue from the tariff amounts to 30 ...

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According to the Ricardian principle of comparative advantage, international trade increases a nation's total output because:   A) The nation's resources are used where they are most productive.   B) The output of the nation's trading partner declines.   C) The nation can produce to the exterior of its production possibilities frontier.   D) The nation is able to ...

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Student jobs : Salesman in a department store, life-guard and technical supervisor in a swimming-pool, , guide for foreigners and VIP for the International Agricultural Show in Paris, responsible of a student bar. Co-founder of a student newspaper