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WEB OF SCIENCE. Selectivity and control of content- high, consistent standards. 11,000+ journals and 716 million+ cited references. Multidisciplinary

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Personalized Medicine: A topical analysis using Thomson Reuters data and analytics MLA annual meeting May, 2010 Ann Kushmerick, Manager, Research Evaluation and Bibliometric Data

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Rank in Category table: Many journals maintain an editorial scope that necessitates their inclusion in more than one JCR category. To better reveal the influence of a journal in all assigned categories a Rank in Category table will display each category in which the journal appears along with rank in the category and the Quartile in which the journal is placed in that category - based on ...

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We evaluate all types of journals including journals from commercial publishers, academic society journals, open access journals and electronic only journals. Selection criteria is unbiased, impartial, time-tested. We are “Publisher-Neutral”.

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TitleSuppressionssignificant distortion of the Journal Impact FactorTransparencyand Accountability. In the interest of fairness and accuracy for all journals, the distortion of the Journal Impact Factor by an excessive concentration of citations gives rise to the need for suppression.

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Dr Ahmed Bourghida Représentant –Afrique du Nord ahmed.bourghida@thomsonreuters.com Notes * * Izmir, Turkey - 15 May 2008 * Izmir, Turkey - 15 May 2008 * INTRODUCTION Thomson Reuters est le leader mondial en source d’information intelligente pour compagnies et professionels.

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The Multidisciplinary journals (approx 60) such as Science and Nature are separated into articles and then assigned to one of the 21 categories based on the citations and references for that paper. Only papers that can not be separated into a category are assigned to the multidisciplinary category.