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1 Www.cpp.edu
Discern ways in which science and technology impact society, for example, how they impact conceptions of our relation to the environment. Requirements and Grading: 4-5 short response papers: 40%

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I also renamed the ‘Public Impact’ category as ‘Societal Impact’ in order to make it clear that the studies in this category relate to the society rather than to the individuals within that society. Persson’s categories, ‘Economic Impact’ and ‘Political Impact’ remain unchanged.

3 Www.nispa.org
The economic, social-cultural, legal, geopolitical shifts and last but not least the technological shifts, facing our contemporary society reveal transparently, a destabilising impact on public sector, define a new role for the state, and make public administration to …

4 Web1.muirfield-h.schools.nsw.edu.au
· the impact of innovation and emerging technology on society and the environment Students learn to: · identify and describe a selected innovation or emerging technology in each area of study of Built Environments, Products, and Information and Communications

5 Www.cs.odu.edu
Gain increased awareness of impact of computer technology on society Explore applications of computers in many areas Course Focus Benefits offered by computer technology Problems posed by computer technology Hardware and software systems that make it possible Future of computers in society Computers and Networks Facilitate Concentration of knowledge and control Distribution of …

6 Www.utas.edu.au
Considers the increasing impact of technology in contemporary society with a particular focus on health services. The unit explores some current applications of health informatics and identifies a number of issues associated with the use of technology in health care. It provides the foundation for ongoing exploration of health informatics.

7 Ec.europa.eu
3.1 Expected impact [This section should provide a concise and precise description of the expected impact of the project proposed. The results should be specific, measurable, attainable with the available resources and realistic within the time span of the project.

8 Jiaats.com
Because of its ease of use, speed and reach, social media is fast changing the public discourse in society and setting trends and agenda in topics that range from the environment and politics to technology and the entertainment industry. Oberst, (2010) posits that, in the last ten years, the online world has changed dramatically, thanks to the invention of social media, young men and women now ...

9 Infotek.alliance21.org
World governance has been restricted to a classic interstate multilateral system, too closely connected to the immediate postwar reality whereas in the past thirty years world society has undergone considerable upheavals (multiplication of international actors, financial globalization, new systemic risks, and the advent of an information society that has transformed the relationship to ...

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American Society for Information Science Best Student Paper Award, American Society for Information Science & Technology (1992). Honor Society, Sigma Gamma …

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