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Spinal Cord Compression

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Tonsils may block foramen magnum, CSF outflow and compress lower medulla and upper spinal cord without herniating below the foramen magnum 24;52;63 Flaw of many radiological studies is the sample pool of ‘Normal’ 2

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outside the brain and spinal cord are meninges (mininx) with three layers, dura mater, arachnoid, pia mater. blood vessels in pia mater cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)

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Seizure 癲癇發作 Sleep Apnea Syndrome 睡眠中止症候群 SCI Spinal cord injury 脊髓損傷 SDH Subdural hematoma 硬膜下血腫 T Traffic accident (TA) 車禍 V Vertigo 眩暈

4 Atls (advanced Trauma Life Support) Teaching Protocol
ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) Teaching Protocol. Pretest (30 min) Context of Tutorial (2 hours) General Principles. Concept. Inhospital phase clinical procedure/process

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脊髓壓迫(Spinal Cord compression) 急性疼痛(Acute pain) 嚴重呼吸困難(Dyspnea severe) 惡性腸阻塞(Malignant bowel obstruction) 出血(Bleeding) 腫瘤(塊)潰瘍(Ulcerated mass 如breast cancer,buccal cancer) 嚴重嘔吐(Vomiting severe) 發燒,疑似感染(Fever R/O Infection) 癲癇發作(Seizure) 急性瞻妄(Delirium,acute) 急性精神壓力,如自殺意圖(Acute ...

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Signs of compression of surrounding structures may be obvious, for example, displacement of the trachea, carotid arteries, or jugular veins. 5. If the lower aspect of the gland cannot be palpated above the suprasternal notch, retrosternal extension should be suspected, particularly if there are signs of superior mediastinal syndrome, for example, cervical venous engorgement and facial edema.

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