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1 Rfc 821 - Ietf | Internet Engineering Task Force
To be able to provide the relay capability the SMTP-server must be supplied with the name of the ultimate destination host as well as the destination mailbox name. The argument to the MAIL command is a reverse-path, which specifies who the mail is from. The argument to the RCPT command is a forward-path, which specifies who the mail is to. The forward-path is a source route, while the reverse ...

2 Www.saell.wic-net.cz
Server odchozí pošty (SMTP) Adresa serveru: smtp-mail.outlook.com Port: 25 (nebo 587, pokud je port 25 blokovaný) Ověřování: Ano Šifrované připojení: TLS Uživatelské jméno: vaše e-mailová adresa Heslo: vaše heslo Došlo k neznámé chybě.

3 Wikileaks.org
Received: from AM5PR0201MB2324.eurprd02.prod.outlook.com ( by DB6PR0201MB2325.eurprd02.prod.outlook.com ( with Microsoft SMTP Server ...

4 Www.dcg.free.fr
Bonjour aux m=C3=A9morialistes, Le regroupement mise en place par Francis a pour objectif de : *mieux nous pr=C3=A9parer aux =C3=A9crits et =C3=A9galement =C3=A0 l'ora= l

5 Externals.io
Newsgroups: php.internals Path: news.php.net Xref: news.php.net php.internals:103119 Return-Path: Delivered-To: mailing list internals@lists.php.net Received: (qmail 20296 invoked from network); 3 Sep 2018 21:32:47 -0000 Received: from unknown (HELO EUR02-AM5-obe.outbound.protection.outlook.com) ( by pb1.pair.com with SMTP; 3 Sep 2018 …

6 Www.knology.net
These settings have worked for me on Outlook Express and other email clients for wowway.com email address username@wowway.com Incoming: pop3.wowway.net 110 Outgoing: smtp.wowway.net 25 For username the FULL email address needs to typed in All other emaim domains (graceba.net, knology.net, sunflower.com, iw.net, ETC) username@domain.com ...

7 Linuxchannel.net
수신자를 설정하지 않았을 경우 다음의 경우는 가상메일서버 사용시 최종목적지 SMTP인 linuxer.suwon.ac.kr 에서 linuxer.suwon.ac.kr 호스트에 대해서 수신자로 설정하지 않은 경우로 Relay deny 된 경우이다. san2 유저는 존재함. ===== ## 다음 3줄은 반송되는 메일의 헤더 일부분 Return-Path: ...

8 Josh Shapiro For = Attorney General
John --Yesterday, I joined five of my fellow Democratic District Attorneys from = across our commonwealth in endorsing Josh Shapiro for Attorney General.

9 Langages-ouest.org
From - Wed Oct 11 14:04:13 2017 X-Account-Key: account3 X-UIDL: 1193326098.79970 X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 X-Mozilla-Keys: Return-Path:

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AON.at POP3: mailbox.aon.at 110 SMTP: email.aon.at 25 ----- A1.net POP3: pop.a1.net 110 SMTP: smtp.a1.net 25 IMAP: imap.a1.net 143 POP3: securemail.a1.net 995 SSL ...

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