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1 Windows Powershell : Automatiser Votre Administration Système
Agenda. La Communauté PowerShell francophone. Introduction sur Windows PowerShell. Les principaux éléments du langage. Administration de l’Active Directory

2 Using Windows Powershell On Windows Embedded Standard
PowerShell V2 Themes. Scripts are . Easy to use. Safe to operate. Easy to share. Easy to support. Production Scripting. PowerShell V2 Themes. Expressions, Commands, and ScriptBlocks can run . In the foreground or background . On one or more machines. Over a LAN or a WAN. In restricted or unrestricted environments. Universal Code Execution Model. Using impersonation or supplied credentials ...

3 Windows Powershell Crash Course - Video.ch9.ms
PowerShell remains the most effective way to access Windows Management Instrumentation, which provides a wealth of management information V2 and v3 both have the “WMI” cmdlets, which utilize the old-school DCOM/RPC protocol for communications

4 Wsv315: Windows Powershell For Beginners - Media.ch9.ms
Agenda. Introduce Windows PowerShell. Learning to learn PowerShell. Drill into utility cmdlets. Word from PowerShellCommunity.org. Q&A! Have some FUN!

5 Powerpoint Presentation
Supports using Ansible playbooks directly from GitHub or Amazon S3, scripts, PowerShell modules, or configuration through the AWS Console You can set the frequency and time at which State Manager will apply your configurations

6 Windows Powershell - Todd Klindt
cmdlets = verbs (actions) & nouns (objects) Combine the two to build specific commands. Examples. Get-SPSite. Get = Verb . SPSite = Noun. Windows PowerShell Basics

7 Powershell Scripting On Vista - University Of Reading
Powershell Scripting on Vista and XP in AD Examples (on local and remote PC’s) Show COM,ADSI,.NET, WMI techniques List drives List Software installed into Excel sheet Rename administrator account Change administrator password Add/remove account in administrators group Start/stop service Change registry key properties Schedule a task on remote ...

8 Automating Admin Tasks With Powershell - Sqlbits.com
cmdlets. Main building block of PowerShell Scripts. Mini Commands that perform one action. Common naming convention: Verb then Noun. e.g.: Get-Help, Get-Object, Remove-Item –Destructive CmdLets have –WhatIf parameter

9 Graphical Interfaces For Powershell - Wordpress.com
Graphical Interfaces for PowerShell. Options and techniques for a GUI-er life. Hi guys, thanks for coming. This is it, the big one. Where we make GUI interfaces using visual basic.