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Defensive Driving * Slide Show Notes When you think of work-related safety hazards, you probably think about what goes on inside the workplace.

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Safety is a Priority. You are completing this training because you will be transporting clients as part of your job function. You need to understand the expectations of that role, and the importance of keeping yourself and your clients safe on the road.

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Making sure your vehicle is winter-ready is another important safe driving practice. To keep your vehicle winter ready: Keep your battery fully charged (they are weaker in cold weather)

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Review tips for safe winter driving. Consider delaying trips if bad winter weather is expected. Take advantage of AAA maps, AAA Tour Book guides, and AAA …

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Driving Safety. Introduction. Statistics. Unsafe Actions / Unsafe Conditions. Vehicle Safety Features. Driving Tips. Road Rage. Backing. Highway/City/Rural Driving

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Percentage of female car drivers by number of car driver trips recorded in survey week Importance of driving About 70% of all adult trips are by car Christchurch Older driver safety Drivers aged 70 and over are involved in fewer car crashes than any 10 year group of car drivers aged less than 70 Older drivers are less of a danger to other road users than younger drivers, in that they kill ...

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Introduction. The Department of Public Safety wants you to have a safe winter season. This presentation is intended to help you avoid problems that can occur during winter driving.

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Fatigue can also be a driving hazard because it reduces your ability to drive safely. Driving to and from work can be dangerous if you add fatigue to the mix. Driving to and from work can be dangerous if you add fatigue to the mix.

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HSE fundamentals - The Hierarchy of Controls. Most effective. Least effective. Reduce hazard at source – reduce and enforce speed limits, increase cyclist numbers, reduce traffic, reduce vehicle size, strict liability law, enforce existing manslaughter law, “friendly” vehicle design, raise driving age to 21yo

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