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Round Function Sas

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1 Sugi 24: A Generalized Rounding Alternative - Support.sas.com
ROUND function to arrive at the desired result. As a follow up to the previous discussion about biased rounding, this fuzz factor randomly chooses the direction in which to round a

2 Sas® Functions - Simple But Powerful Techniques
RO UN D( argument,roundoftunit) The ROUND function rounds a value to the nearest roundoff unit. The following program will round the argument Pay

3 Sas Functi Ons By Example
the MDY function can create a SAS date value, given a value for the month, day, and year. Now let's get started. Functions That Create SAS Date, Datetime, and Time

4 Signif, A C Function To Compute Significant Digits J.e.
SIGNIF, A C Function to Compute Significant Digits B.M. Horwedel. Martin Marietta Energy Systems J.E. Horwedel. Martin Marietta Energy Systems ABSTRACT This poster presents a C function, SIGN IF, that can be called from a SAS® program to return a value rounded to a specHied number of signHicant digns. The rules for rounding a number to n significant digns as implemented by SIGN IF are: (1 ...

5 Beginning Tutorials Paper 57 Introduction To Sas Functions
Paper 57 Introduction to SAS Functions Neil Howard, Independent Consultant, Charlottesville, VA Abstract A FUNCTION returns a value from a computation or

6 Sas Functions By Example
For each function ... Opens a SAS data set with the name data-set-nameand return a data set ID dsid A Data set ID is necessary for File I/O Functions If data set cannot be opened, OPEN returened, OPEN returns a 0ns a 0 EXIST(dsid) Returns 1 if Data set exists and a 0 otherwise CLOSE(dsid) Closes SAS data set after it has been opened by the OPEN function. File I/O Functions ATTRC(dsid ...

7 Sas* Tutorial Session -an Introduction To Sas Functions Dr ...
recommend reading the section on SAS functions in the appropriate SAS manual. The INTNX function can be thought of as the inverse of the INTCK function; it returns the date, given an interval, starting date, and the number of intervals elapsed.

8 Sas Functions And Operators - Webpages.uidaho.edu
must be valid values for the specified function, i.e. for SQRT() the argument should be non-negative. Notice also that operators and functions can be mixed freely. Also …

9 Introduction Au Logiciel Sas - Lsta.upmc.fr
F.-X. Lejeune INSTITUT DE STATISTIQUE de l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie Cycle Supérieur 1ère année 2011-12 Introduction au logiciel SAS

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1 Formation au logiciel SAS Statistical Analysis System Odile Wolber (CNAM) Odile Wolber, CNAM, octobre 2003 2 Objectif du cours : acquérir les principes