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1 Static.anaf.ro
- s-a actualizat nomenclatorul 'Obiectul platii' cu pozitiile: 54.(2035010101-912)Venituri din amenzi si alte sanctiuni aplicate de Directia Generala Antifrauda Fiscala 55.(2035010102-910)Venituri din amenzi si alte sanctiuni aplicate de catre alte institutii de specialitate vers.1.2.9 / 13.02.2014 - s-au scos codurile bugetare 21300205, 21350201 si 22350301 - s-a actualizat functia 'IBAN (III ...

2 Premiile Gopo
Unul dintre cele mai de amploare proiecte cinematografice românești din ultimii ani, Aferim! este un un film istoric a cărui acțiune are loc în Țara Românească în 1835.

3 Ale-list - Ominous Valve
Automatic Link Establishment THIS FILE IS PERPETUALLY UNDER REVISION!!!! Contents: Part 1: Agencies & Frequencies (forever inadequate) Part 2: Callsigns/ Addresses (always way, way behind) Part 3: Appendixes/ Notes 1.

4 Vlc-media-player.org
#EXTM3U #EXTINF:0,2 - France 2 rtsp://mafreebox.freebox.fr/freeboxtv/201 #EXTINF:0,3 - France 3 national rtsp://mafreebox.freebox.fr/freeboxtv/202 #EXTINF:0,5 ...

5 Www.quickddns.com
[{"id":1,"codeId":1,"codeCode":"China","codeName":"中国","codeType":1,"codeTypeName":"国家","codeOrder":1,"stat":1},{"id":2,"codeId":2,"codeCode":"United States ...

6 Landewers.net
P4-MDD McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31 47271 N975ML, N8976E 00.11.1993 rgd Air Aruba NV; lsd from International Airline Support Group Before 00.07.1997 to Paxford International Inc; lsd Air Aruba. 09.11.1997 Seen Aruba, without tls. 00.12.1997 cld To N975ML, YV-710C, YV119T P4-MDD McDonnell Douglas DC-9-82 49972 PJ-MDD, N972AG (cld 081209), I-DACN 00.11.2012 rgd Insel Air …

7 Www.arrl.org
April 2012 Edition Current Entities Total: 340 (Entry level Honor Roll is 331 current entities) The ARRL DXCC List is also available from our Publication Sales Department for $5.95 each plus shipping.

8 Alberta Form – Alberta Divorce Documents
Start entering information and in about 10 minutes from now – you will have supplied all information necessary to draft divorce documents, separation agreement, land …

9 Www.eibispace.de
Entry #1 (float between 10 and 30000): Frequency in kHz Entry #2 (9-character string): Start and end time, UTC, as two '(I04)' numbers separated by a '-' Entry #3 (string of up to 5 characters): Days of operation, or some special comments: Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa,Su - Days of the week 1245 - Days of the week, 1=Monday etc. (this example is "Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday") Note: Vatican Radio ...

10 Wiki.webz.cz
dictionary-16-1-noun dictionary [[Wörterbuch]] {{n}} free-19-1-adjective free {{t+|de|frei}}, {{t-|de|ungebunden}} free-19-2-adjective free {{t+|de|umsonst}}, {{t+ ...

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