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1 Package ‘pythoninr’ - The Comprehensive R Archive Network
BEGIN.Python 3 BEGIN.Python Execute Python interactively from within R Description The function BEGIN.Python starts an Python read-eval-print loop.

2 Package ‘rpython’ - The Comprehensive R Archive Network
Package ‘rPython’ November 15, 2015 Version 0.0-6 Date 2015-11-15 Title Package Allowing R to Call Python Author Carlos J. Gil Bellosta Maintainer Carlos J. Gil Bellosta <cgb@datanalytics.com>

3 Mais Quelle Galere Que La Distribution De Programmes ...
Mais quelle galere que la distribution de programmes` Python packages !´ St´ephane Bortzmeyer <stephane+blog@bortzmeyer.org> Premiere r` edaction de cet article le 10 d´ ecembre 2011´

4 Python Packages For Data Science - Blog | The Data Incubator
T H E D A T A I N C U B A T O R t 5IF3BOLJOHT` This project began as a ranking of the top packages for all data scientists, but we soon found that the scope was too

5 Astropy: A Community Python Package For Astronomy
develop Python packages for astronomy-speci c functional- ity, these e orts have been fragmented, and several dozens of packages have been developed across the community with

6 Python + Numpy + Scipy + Opencv Tutorial - Pbworks
Python + Numpy + Scipy + OpenCV Tutorial This document details the installation on the three common OS systems in order to obtain the four required packages for …

7 Uncertainties Python Package Documentation
uncertainties Python package Documentation, Release 3.0.1 I am also grateful to Gabi Davar and Pierre Raybaut for including it inPython(x,y), to Christoph Gohlke for including it in his Base distribution ofscientific Python packagesfor Windows, and to the Anaconda, macOS and Linux dis-

8 Machine Learning With Python - Tutorialspoint.com
Python Machine Learning 4 Python is a popular platform used for research and development of production systems. It is a vast language with number of modules, packages and libraries that provides multiple

9 Python Packaging User Guide - Read The Docs
your version of Python, then you can use Python’s native packaging tools to create a sourcedistribution package, or sdist for short. Python’s sdists are compressed archives (.tar.gzfiles) containing one or more packages or modules.

10 Pypi Est Le Dépôt Tiers Officiel Du Langage De Programmation Python. Son Objectif Est De Doter La Communauté Des Développeurs Python D'un Catalogue Complet Recensant Tous Les Paquets Python Libres. Il Est A…