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1 Www.annedawson.net
For beginner Python programmers, the main ones # are that the print statement of Python 2.x is now a print function in Python 3, # (brackets are required after the word print (see program 01-01 below) # the raw_input function in Python 2.x is replaced by the input function in Python 3, # and an integer division such as 2/3 in Python 2.x is now a real division # in Python 3.

2 Python's Graphics Library - Wartburg College
# graphics.py """Simple object oriented graphics library The library is designed to make it very easy for novice programmers to experiment with computer graphics in an object oriented fashion.

3 Greenteapress.com
"""This module contains a code example related to Think Python, 2nd Edition by Allen Downey http://thinkpython2.com Copyright 2015 Allen Downey License: http ...

4 Matplotlib.org
{ "cells": [ { "cell_type": "code", "execution_count": null, "metadata": { "collapsed": false }, "outputs": [], "source": [ "%matplotlib inline" ] }, { "cell_type ...

5 Polygon.py - Allen B. Downey
t: Turtle object n: number of line segments length: length of each segment angle: degrees between segments """ for i in range(n): fd(t, length) lt(t, angle) def polygon(t, n, length): """Draws a polygon with n sides. t: Turtle n: number of sides length: length of each side. """ angle = 360.0/n polyline(t, n, length, angle) def arc(t, r, angle): """Draws an arc with the given radius and angle ...

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