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Proxy Servers

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121 Performance Evaluation Of Multi-core, Multi-threaded Sip ...
Performance Evaluation of Multi-Core, Multi-Threaded SIP Proxy Servers (SPS) Ramesh Krishnamurthy y, George N. Rouskas? yNorth Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-8206 USA

122 Proxy Ecology - Cooperative Proxies With Artificial Life
Proxy Ecology - Cooperative Proxies with Artificial Life James Z. Wang Department of Computer Science Clemson University Clemson, SC 29634 864-656-7678

123 Configuration Guide: Best Practices… With Hp Storage And Veeam
adding additional virtual and physical Windows proxy servers to move data, disk-based backup storage resources in the form of CIFS shares, LUNs and Linux paths as backup repositories .

124 Businessintelligenceplatformadministratorguide ...
7.19 Configuring reverse proxy servers for BI platform web applications.....198 7.19.1 Detailed instructions for configuring reverse proxy servers.....198 7.19.2 To configure the reverse proxy server ...

125 Proxy-servers - Proxy.vechtdal-ict.nl
Profielwerkstuk ‘Proxy-servers’ Joost van Eck & Frank de Boer 6 HOOFD- EN DEELVRAGEN Voor het maken van dit verslag hadden we eerst een onderwerp nodig.

126 Reducing The Disk I/o Of Web Proxy Server Caches
three main purposes of these web proxy servers are to controland filter traffic betweena corporatenetworkand the Internet, to reduce user-perceivedlatencywhen load-

127 Event Proxy; Administrator's Guide - Milestonesys.com
applications to Milestone XProtect recording servers. Third party applications communicate with XProtect Enterprise or XProtect Corporate through a custom-made interface developed by Milestone. The event proxy receives from this interface and sends output to XProtect recording servers. Third party application Milestone XP rotect Enteprise or Milestone XP rotect Corporate Event P roxy Custom ...

128 Proxysg First Steps: Ssl Proxy - Symantec
BlueCoatSecurityFirstSteps Contents Solution: ControlHTTPS Traffic 4 Steps 5 VerifyYourProxySGSetupforSSL 5 CreateaKeyring 5 CreateaSelf-SignedCertificate 6

129 Web Proxy - Mikrotik
max-server-connections (integer; default: 600) - maximum number of concurrent proxy connections to external servers. All further connections will be put on hold until some of the

130 Comodo Certificate Authority Proxy Server
Microsoft CA must be configured as Root CA for installing Comodo CA Proxy. However, self-signed root certificate of this CA will not be used during certificate enrollment process, so it will be not included into certificate chains of user's certificates.

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