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Product Backlog Template

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1 Scrum Product Backlog Template - Toolshero.com
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2 User –stories Et Backlog De Produit - Salihayacoub.com
Préparé par Saliha Yacoub Automne 2013 Page 1 User –stories et Backlog de produit User-stories ou scénarios : Une user story ou un scénario est une exigence du système à développer formulée en

3 Product Backlog And Sprint Backlog - Bucknell University
9/5/2016 1 Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog CSCI 479 Fall 2016 Xiannong Meng What is a Product Backlog •A Scrum product backlog is simply a list of

4 Product Backlog Document Template And Example Introduction
CSc 190 and CSc 191 Product Backlog Document Template and Example Introduction 1. Client Information (Name(s), Business, Location, contact information)

5 Product Backlog Template - Maine.gov
Develop and Facilitate Leadership meetings and process Develop and oversee Subcommittee meetings and process

6 The Scrum Product Backlog As A Tool For Steering The ...
The Scrum Product Backlog as a Tool for Steering the Product Development in a Large-Scale Organization Master‘s thesis for the degree of Master of Science in Technology

7 Building A Better Backlog - Collab
Angela Druckman Certified Scrum Trainer adruckman@danube.com Building a Better Backlog Strategies for long-term success in Agile development

8 Agile Backlog Grooming Template - Oakwood Systems Group
A product backlog, on the other hand, is a list of user desires that can be quickly prioritized or de-prioritized based on customer feedback and market fluctuations.

9 Uscis/spas: Product Backlog Items And User Stories
July 9, 2015 1 USCIS/SPAS: Product Backlog Items and User Stories 4/16/2015 Dr. Patrick McConnell