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91 Dc-cycles.org
From dc-cycles-request Thu Nov 1 07:39:03 2001 Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 07:38:50 EST From: ScooterFZR@XXXXXX Subject: Re: Beginner Bikes (advice please) To: Cc: Hell...I'll do you one better.

92 Ieee.uwaterloo.ca
And what kind of a grid would it be on? I don't do well with just random placement of motifs for embroidery or beading but I can handle diagonal diamonds or squares or half offset diamonds or whatever. I did find some nice linen today but the shopkeeper said she had just ordered more weights and colors so I may wait to see what comes in and then I don't have to risk trying to dye and undye the ...

93 Www.phys.ufl.edu
From ads5ads5 at 163.com Sat May 1 06:06:42 2010 From: ads5ads5 at 163.com (ads5ads5) Date: Sat, 1 May 2010 12:06:42 +0800 (CST) Subject: [Pw_forum] LDA+U and spin orbit couple Message-ID: 1f7eb11.1541.128520b7785.Coremail.ads5ads5@163.com> Dear all: Eerything is OK when LDA+U and spin orbit couple is added separately.

94 Open Ebook Standard And Pdf - University Of Utah
I have Adobe Acrobat 4.05c and have MANY files that have been created in WordPerfect 6 and various versions of Microsoft Word, which I would like to convert into PDF documents so I can use them as links from various web pages I have.

95 Catalogue.data.govt.nz
Metadata Constraints: This metadata was collated retrospectively, from Geospatial Team and council business unit subject matter experts, completeness and accuracy are not certain

96 Www1.ietf.org
For example: "The protocol produced by this working group should = provide a mechanism for authenticating a client to a server, cause a user&#= 39;s avatar to be placed in the virtual world, move the user's avatar, = receive a list of objects in the user's avatar, etc."

97 Oak.ucc.nau.edu
Data for notebooks contains only printable 7-bit ASCII and can be sent directly in email or through ftp in text mode. Newlines can be CR, LF or CRLF (Unix, Macintosh or MS-DOS style). NOTE: If you modify the data for this notebook not in a Mathematica- compatible application, you must delete the line below containing the word CacheID, otherwise Mathematica-compatible applications may try to ...

98 Warning - Jutoh
# SOME DESCRIPTIVE TITLE. # Copyright (C) YEAR THE PACKAGE'S COPYRIGHT HOLDER # This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.

99 With=20 Saxophonist - Writing.upenn.edu
"Freedom, that fragile element of the human = edifice,=20 rests upon the imagination,