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Pregnancy Discharge Color

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1 Awareness Of Women Regarding Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal discharge that differs in odor, color, consistency or significantly decreases or increases in amount, may be due to an underlying problem like an infection (Hirsch, 2013). Abnormal vaginal discharge (AVD) is not a disease for itself but it is a symptom of other diseases as

2 Vaginal Discharge
color. Some changes in the immune system (the body’s ability to protect itself), such as Some changes in the immune system (the body’s ability to protect itself), such as diabetes, pregnancy, HIV infection, and the use of antibiotics, can upset the normal bacteria;

3 Vaginal Discharge Syndromes - Stdpreventiononline
Vaginal Discharge Syndromes Kees Rietmeijer, MD, PhD Colorado School of Public Health University of Colorado Denver Update on Sexually Transmitted Infections

4 Vaginal Discharge In A Young Woman - American Academy Of ...
vaginal discharge in the United States, accounting for 40% to 50% of cases in women of childbearing age. 2 It is caused by an overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria and is

5 The Evaluation Of Nipple Discharge From The Breast Diseases
The evaluation of nipple discharge from the breast diseases 112 Tikrit Medical Journal 2009; 15(1):108-112 Table (3) The relation between types of nipple discharge and presence of breast mass.

6 Evaluating Nipple Discharge - Nctc
The most common types of nipple discharge are bilateral, emanate from several ducts in the same nipple, and vary in color from white to brown. To be clinically significant, nipple discharge must be true, spontaneous, persistent, and nonlactational.

7 Research Article Pathological Vaginal Discharge Among ...
nomic condition, vaginal discharge in a previous pregnancy, depression, anemia, threatened premature labor, urinary infection,and hospitalizationin the current pregnancy.

8 Spontaneous Rupture Of Membranes In Pregnancy
SPONTANEOUS RUPTURE OF MEMBRANES IN PREGNANCY DEFINITION Spontaneous rupture of the chorioamniotic membranes is a natural part of labor and delivery. With such rupture, the woman may notice a gush of fluid or a slow leak of watery vaginal discharge. When rupture precedes the onset of labor, it is called premature (or pre labor) rupture of membranes (PROM) regardless of gestational …

9 Postpartum Assessment And Care - Prime Ii
C) hormones present during pregnancy decrease and it is possible to become pregnant again D) extra fat and water stored in the body are used to make breastmilk E) vaginal discharge changes color

10 Postpartum Discharge Guide - Houston Hospital
color of your lochia should change from the bright red seen just after delivery to a darker brown and finally to a creamy tone. In- creased activity may result in heavier bleeding or a return to a redder color. You should limit your activity until the bleeding de-creases. Please call your doctor if you experience excessive bleed-ing, foul smelling discharge, acute abdominal pain, or a sudden ...

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Pregnancy Discharge

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