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Phrasal Verbs Worksheet

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1 O 10 Prepositions R M R O! Phrasal Verbs
134 Phrasal verbs Words such as in or on which are used as prepositions before noun phrases (1) can also be used as particles after verbs (2). We can also use …

2 Worksheet 2 Phrasal Verbs In Context
Exercise 3 Travelling and transport These common phrasal verbs are connected with travelling and transport. Complete the text with the phrasal verbs below.

3 Fun With Phrasal Verbs - Onestopenglish
© Macmillan Publishers Ltd 2001 Taken from the Lesson Share section in www.onestopenglish.com Variant 3 You can use a board divided into squares and a dice (see ...

4 50 Common Phrasal Verbs - Pdf - Online English Lessons
©Angela Boothroyd www.online-english-lessons.eu and www.studyingonline.co.uk Page 2 Introduction This free PDF has fifty frequently used English phrasal verbs, with

5 Modern British Families - Bbc
© British Broadcasting Corporation 2007 4 1. Reading Quiz Are these sentences true or false? Circle the correct answer. 1. Divorce is not common in Britain.

6 Cheating: Reading Tasks - Onestopenglish
Cheating: reading tasks 1 In what ways can the following people cheat? a taxi drivers d scientists b shop assistants e game show contestants c police officers f doctors

7 S.k.h. St. Matthew’s Primary School English Worksheet 1 ...
4. Tammy is in a convenience store. Tammy : I want to add $100 onto my Octopus card, please. Cashier : Please put your card onto the card reader.

8 A Shopping Role Play – Try - Activities © Bbc | British ...
A shopping role play – Try - Activities © BBC | British Council 2006 www.teachingenglish.org.uk A shopping role play Worksheet A: Shopping lists

9 With Grammar - Elektron Kİtabxana
Foreword Fun with Grammardescribes exactly what teachers and students should do with grammar: they should have fun with it. For me as a teacher, grammar class is always an opportunity for fun.

10 Grammatical Terms - Cambridgeenglish.org
2 Turn over For questions 1 – 7, read the text. Match the underlined examples in the text with the grammatical terms listed A – H. Mark the correct letter (A – H) on your answer sheet.

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