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Phrasal Verb List

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1 Multi-part Verbs / Phrasal Verbs - University Of Belgrade
MULTI-PART VERBS / PHRASAL VERBS Aims: To learn what a multi-part verb is To learn some new multi-part verbs (take up, be into, turn up, back out, go through with sth, put on, set up, get across)

2 Phrasal Verbs - E-edu.nbu.bg
Here is a table with common phrasal verbs and their more formal equivalents in academic writing. The phrasal verbs are in bold, in alphabetical order. The equivalents are also in an alphabetical order (they do not match the phrasal verb in the same line.

3 Phrasal Verbs - Just Another Wordpress.com Weblog
By: Luís Aragonés & Lluís Climent A phrasal verb consists of a verb together with a preposition or adverb that modifies the sense of the same one.

4 Slide 1 - Ekonomski Fakultet U Osijeku
List of phrasal verbs for phone calls To call back – to telephone someone (again) laterWe can also say to ring back or to phone back . Example: I am sorry, but this number is engaged.

5 Phrasal Verbs - Just Another Wordpress.com Weblog
PHRASAL VERBS Andrea y Rebeca PHRASAL VERBS Phrasal verbs are known like this because it are followed by a preposition, an adverb or both, creating a new word.

6 American Idioms, Phrasal Verbs And Slang - Shorelineesl
Idioms, phrasal verbs, and slang are all expressions whose meaning is not predictable. My dog kicked the bucket last night. Learning idioms is a piece of cake!

7 Verbs - North Penn School District
List everything associated with VERBS! action. linking. main. helping (auxiliary) state of being. predicate. transitive/ intransitive. principal parts = infinitive, present participle, past, past participle

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Make a list of 4 verbs and add possible types of adverbs. (ex: speak very quietly, speak louder, walk away, walk daily) (ex: speak very quietly, speak louder, walk away, walk daily) Author

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