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List at least two software packages that you will use first to develop Perl CGI programs on remote Web servers. Answer: When first developing your programs you will use a text editor to create program files and either FTP or Telnet to place those files on the server.

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A Perl script, relnotes.pl is in your “perl” folder. It prints a set list of changelist numbers for a specific path. It prints a set list of changelist numbers for a specific path. Your objectives for this exercise:

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Perl 6 goes one step further and parses the string and translates it into Perl 6 code, so one can safely include arbitrarliy complex code there. (In a similar fashion to the Korn shell "$(...)" construct).

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Perl tries to grow with you – from simple one line scripts to scripts with hundreds of lines and dozens of plug-in modules, Perl is happy to process whatever you give it. Perl is especially suited for tasks that involve text processing, reading and writing of files, anything network related, CGI and web page generation, working with databases, and most any kind of console based task.

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in the history list (in several UNIX shells, including the axe and sorrel defaults). quota lets you know how much of your disk space quota you are using --- the second column, blocks, shows how much you are currently using, and the third column, quota, shows how much you are permitted to use.

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((List other manufacturer or product here.)) 2.2 SHADE BAND A. Shade Bands: Construction of shade band includes the fabric, the hem weight, hem-pocket, shade roller tube, and the attachment of the shade band to the roller tube.

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IT 284 – Perl & CGI Chapter 9 Study Questions NAME:_____ True/False Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.