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1 Search Problems And Blind Search Techniques
Ethics People might lose jobs People might have too much leasure time People might lose sense of uniqueness People might lose provacy rights People might not be held accountable for certain actions Machines may replace the human race... Agents An agent is anything that can be viewed as perceiving its environment through sensors and acting upon that environment through actuators Human agent ...

2 Search Problems - People.duke.edu
SVM Intuition. Find “best” linear classifier in feature space. Hope to generalize well

3 Search Problems - Duke University
Example: Table lookup + + + + + + +-----+ + + + +-----Training set D. Example space X. Values of concept f(x) given on training set D = (x. i,f(x i)) for i=1,…,N}On a new example x, a nonparametric hypothesis . h. might return. The cached value of f(x), if x is in D. FALSE otherwise. A pretty bad learner, because you are unlikely to see the same exact situation twice! Nearest-Neighbors ...

4 Destination-biased Search - Ryen White
Post-search browsing behavior (search trails) can be mined to extract users’ implicit endorsement of relevant websites. Trail-based relevance prediction provides unique signal not captured by other (content, link, clickthrough) features.

5 Kansas Criminal Justice Information System (kcjis) - Search
Justice Information Sharing Practitioners The National Resource for Practitioners www.jispnet.org – Resources for Information-Sharing Independent, Objective

6 Metadata And Search - Dublin Core
Search and Metadata Microsoft Office System SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Alex D. Wade Program Manager Information Worker Solutions Group Microsoft Corp.

7 Exploratory Search - Ds.cs.ut.ee
Exploratory Search Beyond the Query–Response Paradigm Slides are created by Dmitri Danilov University of Tartu, 2009 self.Introduction Humans are explorers by nature Information overload => poverty of attention Currently, basic predominant retrieval paradigm is "query and response" (lookup) Lookup-based approach is insufficient! 1 of 9 self ...