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Oregon Fishing Report

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61 Introduction
Our ultimate goal is to estimate how recreational catch and discards will change as a function of regulations. We do so by modeling relationships between regulations and the utility of various fishing trips, this utility and fishing effort, and this effort and catches.

62 Eutrophication Of Waters - Dwaf
It may severely alter the recreational value of many water bodies and impair related activities (swimming, fishing, etc.) as a result of the objectionable aspect of the waters, such as reduced transparency, odour, and increased incidence of stinging insects, swimmer's itch, etc. Both social impacts and economic losses may be important and make eutrophication control necessary.

63 Robert Losey - University Of Alberta
Creek Site (35JO39): A contact period fishing camp on the Rogue River, Southwest Oregon , edited by Brian O’Neill and Mark A. Tveskov, pp. 133-158. University of Oregon Anthropological Papers 67.

64 Blm Sample - Bureau Of Land Management
Hugh Kelly and Rosemary McGreer will provide a Preliminary Title Report and certify that they have legal fee ownership of the non-Federal land. The non-Federal land is comprised of a single tax lot (Tax Lot 902) situated along the east bank of the middle segment of the John Day WSR in Wheeler County, Oregon. Hugh Kelly and Rosemary McGreer acquired Tax Lot 902 for purposes of this exchange ...

65 National Park Service
Unpublished report on file at Redwood National and State Parks, Orick, California. 78 pp. 78 pp. Waters of Redwood Creek that lie within the boundaries of Redwood …

66 Author: George Wuerthner - Cascwild.org
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (Puchy and Marshall 1993) confirms that several wolf specimens have been taken in Oregon during the past 10 years. However, the Department does not believe they represent viable, reproducing wild populations.

67 Coe Instructions
In commercial fishing, planting and harvesting of clams and oysters, fishing during seasonal runs of fish, and related food processing are seasonal activities. The production of meat and poultry may also involve seasonal activities. For example, turkey production increases significantly prior to Thanksgiving.

68 Sheila M - Fema
Most SAR organizations do not systematically report their activities, but the National Park Service and the state of Oregon report every SAR mission in their boundaries. Almost one-third (30.6%) of all park service rescues were for day hikers; over 1/5 (21.9%) involved motorized boating; and 13.7% involved swimmers. Backpackers (10.4%), rock climbers (3.3%), and mountaineers (1.8%), seemingly ...

69 Project Plan Draft - Census
Background. Several years ago, the lead agencies in the State Data Center (SDC) Network approached the Census Bureau’s Geography Division (GEO) and American Community Survey Office (ACSO) to discuss a possible research project.

70 Staff Report On - California State Water Resources Control ...
A fishing, drinking water or swimming advisory issued by local or state public health or environmental health authorities is currently in effect. This does not apply to advisories related to discharges in violation of existing waste discharge requirements or NPDES permits.

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