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1 Operations Run Book - Wordwonk
The path of this resource is always the path to the Windows 2000 system root (the directory in which Windows 2000 is installed: for example, C:\Winnt). FAX$ On Windows 2000 server, this used by fax clients in the process of sending a fax.

2 Boca Systems, Inc
Windows Defined - Windows has pre-defined a variety of common page sizes. The BOCA drivers allow you to access the "letter" and "11 x 17" page sizes. Please note that margins must be adjusted to avoid printing outside of the ticket boundaries.

3 Download Doc – Boca Systems, Inc
2 = Used for translating a font stored in code page 1252 Windows Latin 1 format to the code page 850 MS-DOS (Multilingual Latin I) character set. 3 = Used for translating a font stored in code page 1250 Windows Central Europe format to the code page 852 (Latin II) character set.

4 Enclave Security Guide - Maui
There will be no windows or the windows will be covered so that the inside area cannot be viewed. The area must also be monitored by an intrusion detection system and have doors with access control devices with alarms.

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