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Modbus Function Code

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1 Modbus Application Protocol Specification V1
function_code = [1 byte] MODBUS function code, request_data = [n bytes] This field is function code dependent and usually contains information such as variable references,

2 Modicon Modbus Protocol Reference Guide
it the device (or broadcast) address, a function code defining the requested action, any data to be sent, and an error–checking field. The slave’s response message

3 Modbus Exception Codes - Kepware
Modbus Exception Codes All 1/1/1999 Document v1.01 Overview The following information is taken from the Modicon Web site (modbus.org) and the Modbus application

4 Modbus Rtu Serial Communications User Manual 51-52-25-66
function code dependent data is replaced by an exception response code as described in Section 4 - Modbus RTU Exception Codes. Between messages, the RS-485 link is in a high impedance state.

5 Modbus Protocol Reference Guide - M-system
function code defining the requested action, any data to be sent, and an error-checking field. The slave’s response message The slave’s response message is also constructed using Modbus protocol.

6 Modbus W2417e - Switzerland
Code MODBUS-Function Register Application examples... 01 H READ COIL STATUS 0xxxx - Reading digital output states 02 H READ INPUT STATUS 1xxxx - Reading digital input states

7 Y 06/2014 Modbus/tcp With Mb Client And Mb Server …
MB_DATA_LEN parameters defines the function code that is used in the current Modbus message. Table 2-6 shows the relationship between the input parameters of the

8 Introduction To Modbus Tcp/ip - Prosoft Technology
information on Modbus, you may also refer to the “Modicon Modbus Reference Guide”, PI-MBUS-300 Rev J, available via download from www.public.modicon.com.

9 Modbus Communication Protocol - Weigel-messgeraete.de
It is always a write command (Function code $10) and required logical number $00 In a multi-point type connection (MODBUS ASCII/RTU), slave address (called also logical number) allows to identify each counter during the communication.

10 Modbus Est Un Protocole De Communication Non-propriétaire, Créé En 1979 Par Modico…