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Mac Address Ipv6

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1 Ipv6 - Cisco.com
hostname(config-if)# ipv6 address ipv6-address link-local – Enter the following command to enable IPv6 on the interface and automatically generate the link-local address using the Modified EUI-64 in terface ID based on the interface MAC address:

2 How To Use Dhcpv6 To Assign Specific Ipv6 Addresses To ...
Technical Guide alliedtelesis.com x How To | C613-16189-00 REV B Introduction When using IPv4, most devices default to using their MAC address as their DHCP clie nt ID.

3 Basic Ipv6 Wan And Lan Configuration - Netgear
WAN MAC address Use default MAC address of the wireless VPN firewall WAN MTU size 1500 bytes; 1492 bytes for PPPoE connections Port speed AutoSense Table 2. ISP information required to configure a static IPv6 Internet connection Item Collected information from your ISP IPv6 address IPv6 prefix length Default IPv6 gateway Primary DNS server address Secondary DNS server address. Basic …

4 Ipv6 Address Autoconfiguration - Renater
Stateless Autoconfiguration Hosts can automatically get an IPv6 address Only routers have to be manually configured • Or can use the Prefix Delegation option (RFC 3633)

5 Fiche&récapitulative&n°8& #1& Ipv6&:internet&protocol&version6
R1(config-if)#ipv6 address 2001:ABCD::1/64 Configure!statiquement!une!adresse!unicast.!Ici!les!128!bits!de!l’adressesontdéfinis.! R1# show ipv6 interface fastEthernet 0/0

6 Introduc)on*to*ipv6* - I3s.unice.fr
uniqueness of the MAC address § MAC address is unique and stable => part of IPv6 can be used to identify a user L § IETF may deprecate this use (under discussion)

7 Ipv6 Address Architecture On Point -to -point Link
Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - sanog12-ipv6-p2p.pptx Author: maz Created Date: 8/13/2008 8:42:41 AM

8 Ipv6 Multicast Deployment And Configuration Guide
Figure 2 shows the mapping of the 128 bit Layer 3 IPv6 Multicast addresses to the 48 bit MAC address. Notice that there are 112 bits of significance Notice that there are 112 bits of significance to an IPv6 Multicast address (116 bits if the scope is included).

9 Ipv6 End Station Addressing: Choosing Slaac Or Dhcp
3 Planning the mechanisms for end station addressing will be more complex in IPv6 than IPv4. New requirements, new tools, and new limitations must be accounted for.

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