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1 Corporate.hkjc.com
RESERVE AND TENDER/AUCTION LIST PRIVATELY PURCHASED HORSES (PP) AS AT 7 June 2016 RESERVE No. NAME 姓名 1 Suen Siu Man, Simon 孫少文 2 Friends of Fai Fai Syn 輝輝之友團體 3 Chu Ka Lok, Peter 朱嘉樂 4 Gold Go Winning Syn 金駿勝團體 5 Leung Kam Tong, Henry 梁錦棠 Tso, Simon 曹思豪 Lui Chi Wang, Robert 呂志宏 Chan Wai Mau, Louis 陳偉茂 6 Kwong Ka Wing, Mr & Mrs ...

2 Www.chinghuaorchids.com.tw
Cattleya Flask Wholesale List List No. 26 Price by U.S. Dollars F.O.B. in Taiwan 2019/1 /1 Cattleya Hybrids & Mericlone C1862 C. purpurata var. flamea x C. tenebrosa '2015-22' 30.00

3 Www.chinghuaorchids.com.tw
Cattleya Plant Wholesale List List No. 16 Price by U.S. Dollars F.O.B. in Taiwan 2019/1 /1 Cattleya Hybrids & Mericlone F:Flask B size:2inch pot BS size:3inch pot FS size:Flowering size B BS FS

4 Sourceforge.net
#6 0x00002aaab7c5f266 in find_callno (callno=71, dcallno=1, sin=0x47, new=2699, sockfd=-1405543392, full_frame=<value optimized out>) at chan_iax2.c:2782 No locals. #7 0x00002aaab7c6aee2 in socket_process (thread=0x2aaaac937980) at chan_iax2.c:9672

5 Www.unesco.org
No. Country Participant ITIN E-mail address Phone Fax   1 Afghanistan 1 Mr Ghulam Zadag Khoshal Mena, Kabul, Afghanistan 26MAY – 01JUN (not confirmed) 33-1-30060155 

6 Fl.forclaytonnc.com
155 chan modells coupon

7 Www.legco.gov.hk
PLC Paper No. CB(2) 1242 Ref : CB2/R/2/97  Position Report on Bills Committees/Subcommittees (as at 17 March 1998)   Summary (a) Number of Subcommittees in action : 5 (see List A for details) 

8 Sourceforge.net
[Oct 18 15:05:20] VERBOSE[31661] sccp_channel.c: -- SEP0018183E3B05: Getting the active channel on device. [Oct 18 15:05:20] VERBOSE[31661] sccp_actions.c: -- SEP0018183E3B05: Taken Offhook

9 Racing.hkjc.com
LIST OF SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS FOR 2016/2017 IMPORT PERMITS FOR PRIVATELY PURCHASED GRIFFINS (200) NAME 姓名 Arculli, The Hon Ronald & Mrs Johanna K J 夏佳理與夏安麗女士 Arculli Mr & Mrs Iain Bruce 布魯士先生及夫人 Chan Chi Ho 陳志豪 Chan Chi Keung, Edward 陳志強 Chan Chi Ming, Tony 陳志明 Chan Chung Bun, Bunny 陳振彬 Chan Ka Shu, Mr & Mrs Matthew 陳家 …