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1 Openldapの最新動向 - 日本ldapユーザ会 [日本 ...
2007/4/23 - 3 - 日本LDAPユーザ会 OpenLDAPとは 1998年からミシガン大学のUmich LDAPをもとに 開発を開始 LDAPソフトウェアスイート

2 Fortigate Ldap Server Configuration Examples, For Use With ...
Fortigate LDAP Server configuration examples, for use with Microsoft Active Directory The examples below illustrate various ways to configure the Fortigate’s LDAP Server settings, and how they relate to

3 Openldapの Syncreplレプリケーション
日本LDAPユーザ会/NECソフトウェア北海道 OpenLDAPの syncreplレプリケーション OSC 2007 Hokkaido 稲地 稔

4 Ako White Pages Ldap - Common Access Card
5. Select the Account Type Drop down and select LDAP. Enter into the Server Address: field the following string: directory.us.army.mil 6. Select the “Server Options” drop …

5 Fortigate -900d - Fortinet.com.cn
更多信息请访问 Fortinet 中国官方网站:www.fortinet.com.cn . 最安全的网络保护解决方案 着网络环境、使用模式和威胁的不断变化,现在的企业正面临着各种挑战。

6 Openldap Software 2.4 Administrator's Guide
Table of Contents 5. Configuring slapd 5.2.4. Backend-specific Directives.....30

7 Polycom Trio™ 8800 - Cn
DATA SHEET Polycom Trio 8800 Product Specifications User interface features • Gesture-based, multitouch-capable capacitive touch screen • 5-inch color LCD (720 x 1280 pixel), 9:16

8 Notes On How To Add Ako Email & Ako Directory (i.e ...
Notes on how to add AKO Email & AKO Directory (i.e. Address Book) to Outlook 2010 NOT EEmail Created by Ted Dressel tweaked by Michael J. Danberry (chief@militarycac.com) on 29 April 2013

9 Certification Practice Statement (cps)
Certification Practice Statement (CPS) Version 2.5 eMudhra Limited | www.e-mudhra.com iii Definitions The following definitions are to be used while reading this CPS.

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