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1 The K-pop Wave: An Economic Analysis
stage, music and song become mere supports (instruments are often not visible), and the performances become much more dynamic and visual. The current K-pop wave pertains to this last part of the spectrum, with a definitive shift

2 The Globalization Of K-pop
popular music -economic aspects -korea (south) or popular music -social ASPECTS - KOREA (SOUTH) and other subject headings only produces one to three results.

3 The Globalization Of K-pop: The Interplay Of External …
Abstract This thesis aims to provide a comprehensive and systematic analysis about the growing popularity of Korean pop music (K-pop) worldwide in recent years.

4 Popping The K-pop Bubble
K-pop music have been making waves worldwide since the 90‘s, but did not really penetrate into the average Filipino‘s consciousness until the late 2000‘s.

5 Mass Media Technologies And Popular Music Genres: K-pop ...
Mass Media Technologies and Popular Music Genres 35 Introduction The K-pop phenomenon, or the sudden global fame of Korean popular music and dance, made headlines on major on- …

6 The Globalization Of K-pop - Yonsei University
The Globalization of K-Pop: Is K-Pop Losing its Korean-ness? T he recent news of Korean boy and girl bands making headlines in Eastern and Southern Asia, Europe and the US are sending new hopes and energy through the K-Pop (short for Korean Pop) industry following the surge of pride when the Korean Wave first hit Japan and China in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The spread of Korean music and ...

7 Règlement Kpop & Drama Fan Awards 2017 Article 1 ...
Règlement KPOP & DRAMA FAN AWARDS 2017 Article 1 : Organisateur La société GONG Media Ltd, dont le siège est situé à Curzon House, 24 High


A CROSS-CULTURAL STUDY OF MOOD IN K-POP SONGS Xiao Hu Jin Ha Lee Kahyun Choi J. Stephen Downie University of Hong Kong xiaoxhu@hku.hk University of Washington

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