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Korrespondent Ua Ukraine

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1 Ukraine - Irex
Korrespondent. “Press freedom in Ukraine is just a tick in the president’s report, an agenda item for the next round-table on Journalists’ Day … Whatever was dug up by journalists, whichever issue they pried open, not one official has been sent to the unemployment line, let alone into prison. By no means has the press influenced the behavior of the domestic bureaucracy.” 173 ...

2 Of Ukraine’s Euromaidan - Researchgate
of Ukraine’s EuroMaidan JOANNA SZOSTEK University College London Abstract: In November 2013, mass protests broke out in Ukraine when President Yanu-kovych chose not to sign a …

3 The Overview Of The Lgbt Human Rights Situation In Ukraine ...
Nash Mir Center, 2011 1 OVERVIEW OF LGBT HUMAN RIGHTS SITUATION IN UKRAINE IN 2010 . Attitudes of society and the state . The Ukrainian society becomes more homophobic.

4 Les Au Pouvoir En Russie Et En U - Researchgate.net
plusieurs « ressources médiatiques » les complètent (Liga.net, Focus.ua, Korrespondent. ua). Les ressources disponibles au niveau local, généralement antérieures à l’élection

5 The Far Right In The Conflict Between Russia And Ukraine
armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which followed the victory of the protest movement in Kiev in February 2014, concerns the role of far- right activists (ultranationalists) in the fighting on both sides.