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I certify that the particulars given in this customs declaration are correct and that this item does not contain any dangerous article or articles prohibited by legislation or by postal or customs regulations.

2 インボイスフォーマット - Post.japanpost.jp
F.O.B.JAPAN 署名(Signature) 郵便物の個数(Number of pieces) 総重量(Gross weight) Kg 原産国(Country of Origin): JPY日本円 USD 米国 EUR フランス(ユーロ) EUR ドイツ(ユーロ) CNY 中国 PHP フィリピン KRW 韓国 TWD 台湾 HKD 香港 GBP 英国 THB タイ AUD オーストラリア SGD シンガポール CAD カナダ IDR インドネシア ...

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JP City/Area Ward/City/Town Postal Low Postal High Tokyo Chiyoda Chuo Minato Taito Bunkyo Kita Arakawa Adachi Katsushika Sumida Edogawa Koto Shinagawa Ohta Shibuya

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PDA Japan Chapter Mr. Ms. Dr. Information * The registration fee (pre-registration) should be paid in advance. * The refund after the payment should not be accepted for any reason. * If you are a member, please note the membership number. Without the number, the application will be received as a non-member. * The presentation material will be distributed by USB on the day of the seminar ...

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Brown area Non Brown area City/Area Postal Low Postal High Postal Codes available for ISC Service Miyagi 9896941 Ishigun Marumorimachi 9812100 9812501 Ishinomaki

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Diplôme(s) obtenu(s) en France Nom Prénom* Adresse personnelle* Code Postal* Nom de jeune fille* Ville* Pays* Téléphone* Mobile* Adresse électronique*

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Feuil3 Feuil2 Feuil1 Adresse: Code postal: Ville: Téléphone: Titre: Titres de remplacement: Signature: à la place du Fait à le Organisme emprunteur: Numéro:

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Japan LV Latvia LB Lebanon LT Lithuania LU Luxembourg MY Malaysia MT Malta MU Mauritius MX Mexico NL Netherlands NZ New Zealand NO Norway PL Poland PT Portugal RU Russia SA Saudi Arabia RS Serbia, Republic of SG Singapore SK Slovak Republic (Slovakia) SI Slovenia SB Solomon Islands ZA South Africa ES Spain CH Switzerland TR Turkey ISO Country Implementation Date NA BB Barbados …

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www.pier2pier.com Country code AD Andorra, Principality of AE United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Former Trucial Oman, Trucial States) AF Afghanistan AG Antigua and Barbuda