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Indonesia Visa Application

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31 Schengen Visa Application
my application being rejected or to the annulment of a visa already granted any may also render me liable to prosecution under the law of the Member State which deals with the application. I undertake to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa, if granted.

32 < Passport And Visa > - Etouches
Passport 2. Visa After obtaining a new passport, please send a copy of the Photograph Page by October 21, 2013 (Mon.) to Amway Desk. (FAX :03-3225-1005) Details and Procedures (A) If your have changed your name Please submit copies of the Amendments and Endorsements Page (If it says SEE PAGE4, please submit a copy of page “4”) and the Photograph Page. (B) If you do not have a passport ...

33 The Embassy Of The Republic Of Indonesia In Washington D.c.
The Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia in Washington D.C. 2020 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036 Phone.+1 (202) 775-5200,Fax. +1 (202) 775-5365 ,Email. infokonsuler@embassyofindonesia.org VISA APPLICATION FORM I. GENERAL Length of Stay in ...

34 Diplomatic/service Visa Application - Visalink
documents to be submitted tick (v) in the box if the document is provided passport with validity period minimum 6 (six) months from the date of entry

35 Australian Embassy Indonesia Application Form
Indonesia, why you are interested in the role and how your skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications are applicable to the role. (Limit of 1000 words) Page 2 of 3

36 Download Thailand Visa Application Form - Vfs-thailand.co.in
my paid visa fee even if my application has been declined. Signature Tel. E-mail Date Permanent Address (if different from above) Attention for Tourist and Transit Visas Applicants I hereby declare that the purpose of my visit to Thailand is for pleasure or transit only and that in no case shall I engage myself in any profession or occupation while in the country. Signature Date Tel. Names ...

37 Consent Form And Terms Of Use For Residents For …
3 Consent for Indirect Submission and/or Collection (to be completed ONLY if travel agent or person other than applicant themselves is submitting and/or collecting the visa application and decision)

38 Png Entry Permit Application Form - Png.or.jp
Downloaded from www.immigration.gov.pg PNG Immigration & Citizenship Service Authority APPLICATION FOR ENTRY PERMIT INSTRUCTION OFFICE USE ONLY

39 List Of Visa Applicants - Mofa.go.jp
1 List of Visa Applicants * Be sure to write the name in the Latin alphabet as it appears on his/her passport. * Fill out the “relationship with the inviting person and guarantor” field if the purpose of the invitation is “Visit to