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His budget package includes funding to support background checks for ALL firearms purchases in the Commonwealth, including online sales. 12,606 transactions at gun shows from July – Oct. 2016. 12,606 transactions at gun shows from July – Oct. 2016.

2 Gun Violence - Scientistmel.com
Gun Violence. There is a solid link between assault rifles and mass shootings. While handguns are still used in “one on one” types of crimes, assault rifles have been the trend we see associated with the more recent mass shootings including Sandy Hook, Parkland, Aurora Theater, and Orlando Night club.

3 Institution Name - Lone Star College-montgomery
Haag (2016) Gun industry aggressively marketing the protective nature of hands guns and assault weapons to compensate for declining sales of hunting weapons. (Pew Survey) 1999 gun owners were asked Why do you own a gun?

4 Shooting From The Hip: Facts And Opinions About Guns
Around 40% of all legal gun sales involve private sellers and don't require background checks. 40% of prison inmates who used guns in their crimes got them this way. Gilson, D. (2013, January 31). 10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down | Mother Jones.

5 Budgeting And Municipal Finance - Indiana
Transferring those costs to the state moved a large portion of the property tax burden to the sales tax. Property tax levies to pay for those services were “volatile”. Transfer resulted in approximately 30% reduction in property tax levy state-wide.

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No single “smoking gun” determines ethical behavior. The first factor may be called “bad apples” or individuals who make unethical choices. We may call the second factor “bad cases” or ethical situations ripe for unethical choices. The third may be called “bad barrels” or …

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When disaster strikes – be it human, hardware, or natural, IT administrators are under the gun to get the systems, applications, and data back up and running so users can be brought from zero to productivity in as little time as possible.

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EFQM. Partnerships and Resources. Develop and implement a strategy and supporting policies for managing buildings, equipment and materials that supports the organisation’s overall strategy.

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