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1 Www.accessnow.org
There is no HTTPS encrypted version of Facebook Chat available. Unless you are using a plugin like EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere, you are automatically redirected to unencrypted HTTP pages whenever you navigate to another page on Facebook.

2 Www.nationalarchives.gov.uk
Files and transfers are not encrypted by default but can be done if required by the user. Rosetta doesn't have its own public interface, although the product can be supplied with their Primo discovery engine (configured just to search Rosetta if required) if an organisation chooses.

3 Www.cise.ufl.edu
Search files on Dropbox Select which files to transfer Organize searched files by file type Organize my search to use it faster Log out from Dropbox Protect the security of the user accounts SkyDrive Loggin to Skydrive Drag files from Android device to Skydrive Drag files from Skydrive to my Android Device Drag files from Skydrive to Dropbox Drag files from Skydrive to Google Drive Drag files ...

4 Www.schneier.com
Full disk encryption solution securing data on touch-screen tablets, laptops, desktops, servers, and removable media; devices can be encrypted at any time—and once installed, all data is encrypted …

5 Watech.wa.gov
Ability to search, retain, and retrieve/reproduce content without having the user's device Allow users to delete content from their devices (transitory records) Ability to retain content for a …

6 Www.vendorportal.ecms.va.gov
Contractors must be capable of supporting all ordering methodologies (secure facsimile, encrypted e-mail, HIPAA-compliant X12N278 transactions, or via the Contractor's secure website). No, hospice is not covered under this contract.

7 Www.aboutfileone.com
Program can search inside Movie Notes Program supports keyword tagging to Treeview items Program can share Treeview items and corresponding data with other users of F1, D1 and M1.

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Yes, with enhanced search capabilities and integrated into SharePoint and other Office 365 services. Yes, but must authenticate as the account it is being shared …