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Google Drive Tutorial

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1 Présentation Powerpoint
Tutoriel de chargement d’un diarama sur Google Drive. Exemple: je recherche le diarama du déjeuner printanier du 25-03-2014 à Boninne

2 Google Drive - Ecaths1.s3.amazonaws.com
Actualmente Google Drive nos permite almacenar gratuitamente hasta 15 GB de datos, con opción a ampliar espacio previo pago. Google drive nos permite almacenar archivos que estén disponibles desde cualquier PC o dispositivo móvil en cualquier parte.

3 Google Classroom Tutorial - Wappingersschools.org
Click on the 9-dot square, then click on the Google Drive triangle. This will bring you into the documents on which you’ve been working. Click on your HW document and begin working.

4 Google Docs And Mla Format - Mesa Public Schools
This tutorial will show you how to do MLA Format using Google Docs on Google Drive. There are two way to do this. There are two way to do this. Use a template with all the settings preconfigured

5 Google Account - Wordpress.com
Google Drive. If you are unfamiliar with Google Drive watch this 5 minute video clip from Edtech TIPS. Google Docs. A quick intro to Google Docs from the Sync Sisters . Google Slides. A brief intro to Google Slides. Google Sheets. An introduction to Google Sheets from the Sync Sisters. Google Classroom for Students. Google Forms. A longer tutorial on using Google forms in the classroom. Google ...

6 Excel For Ap/h Labs
Ex: Microsoft Office Excel, Google Sheets organize data calculate represent Tech Requirements This tutorial references a Mac running OS X and Google Sheets Log into Google Drive, open, save and share a Sheets file with your partner. If you use a PC, MS Office Excel, or another program, much will be the same or very similar. Look for command synonyms, different button locations, etc. • Copy a ...

7 My Maps And Google Maps - Virginia View
My Maps. My Maps is a part of your DRIVE apps. To create a new map - go to your DRIVE.

8 Powerpoint Presentation
Google drive consists of programs for creating and editing various types of document – including those shown here. Note that you can also create folders and upload files and folders from your client computer.

9 Accessing The Gale Databases: - Fcusd.org
Clicking here will automatically download the document into Google Drive Want to read the article in another language? Click this button to translate it into a different language