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1 Vanguardtotal International Stock Index Fund
Fact sheet | December 31, 2018 VanguardTotal International Stock Index Fund International stock fund|Institutional Plus Shares ConnectwithVanguardfi>vanguard.com

2 Stock Fund - Dodge & Cox Funds
DODGE &COX FUNDS® 2018 Annual Report December 31, 2018 Stock Fund ESTABLISHED 1965 TICKER: DODGX Important Notice: Beginning on January 1, 2021, we intend to discontinue mailing paper copies of the Fund’s shareholder reports as permitted by new

3 International Stock Fund - Dodge & Cox
DODGE &COX FUNDS® 2018 Annual Report December 31, 2018 International Stock Fund ESTABLISHED 2001 TICKER: DODFX (Closed to New Investors) Important Notice:

4 Smartfinancial, Inc. And Entegra Financial Corp. Announce ...
these funds to be directed by recommendation of the Carolina Advisory Board (in consultation with the President of the Carolinas for SmartBank) to charities in the communities served by

5 Parnassus Funds Annual Report 2018
Annual Report † 2018 internal sales-force changes and greater competition from online players such as Amazon. We sold the stock during the year after we lost confidence in

6 Operating Committee - Jpmorgan Chase
286 JPMorgan Chase & Co./216 Annual Report Linda B. Bammann 5 Retired Deputy Head of Risk Management JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Financial services) James A. Bell 1

7 Minor Food Minor Hotels Minor Lifestyle
STOCK INFORMATION 5 YEARS STOCK PERFORMANCE Minor Group 34% Foreign Institutions 29% Osathanugrah Group 9% Thai Fund 16% Royal Family 4% Others 8% SAUDI ARABIA UAE

8 Gurufocus User Manual: Excel Features And Api
6 Figure 2.4 As Figure 2.4 illustrates, there are two ways to download the aggregate portfolio of the selected gurus. The first option lists all of the company stocks owned by gurus, with all information on single stock

9 Gval Cambria Global Value Etf - Home - Cambria Funds
GVAL Cambria Global Value ETF FOURTH QUARTER December 31, 2018 Strategy Overview Benjamin Graham and David Dodd are universally seen as the fathers of valuation and

10 Board Of Directors - Jpmorganchase.com
JPMorgan Chase & Co./201 Annual Report 291 JPMorgan Chase Vice Chairs Asia Pacific Australia and New Zealand Paul Uren Bangladesh, India, Indonesia,

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