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Flight Distance

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1 Post.queensu.ca
When using above website for commercial flight emissions in CO2 equivalents, you may be interested to know that it includes a multiplication factor of 1.9 to account for the radiative forcing effect associated with jet contrails and NOx emissions.

2 Comparison National Regulations - Jarus-rpas.org
Lateral distance Operational limitations Right of way Ocurrence reporting Insurance QE Flight Schools Remarks Australia No weight limit. < 2 kg 2 < 25 kg 25 < 150 kg 150 kg + UOC, except for models and commercial < 2 kg Remote pilot licence with ratings and endorsements. No medical For aircraft over 150 kg can use experimental or limited A/W certificate process Yes Case-by-case 400 ft in ...

3 Www.easa.europa.eu
Maximum distance from an adequate aerodrome for two-engined aeroplanes without an ETOPS approval ONE-ENGINE-INOPERATIVE (OEI) CRUISING SPEED Maximum distance from an adequate aerodrome for two engined aeroplanes without an ETOPS Approval CAT.OP.MPA.145(a) Establishment of minimum flight altitudes CONSIDERATIONS FOR ESTABLISHING MINIMUM FLIGHT ALTITUDES Establishment of minimum flight …

4 Www.triathlon.org
2014年威海长距离铁人三项世界锦标赛境外参赛人员统计表 Overseas Participants for2014 Weihai ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships

5 Mmig46.org
PC12 TBM700 PA46 TAS-IAS corrected TAS-IAS Notes ModelData Altitude TAS against IAS at different altitudes IAS Calculation of optimum cruise altitude dependent on distance of journey


If multiple flight-lengths are involved, select "multiple distances" from the drop-down menu and use the "Calculator for Air Miles Reduced over Multiple Distance Ranges" table below to enter miles per category. Click the "Calculate" button to populate the "GHG Reduction" column per project.

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