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Finger Joint Support

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1 About Your Therapy - Nmh.org
FINGER - PIP Flexion (Passive) Use other hand to bend the middle joint of each finger down as far as possible. Hold 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat _____ times.

2 The Normal Hand Exam - Practical Plastic Surgery
The Normal Hand Exam 261 Motor Exam Many people do not realize that a large part of hand and finger move-ment is governed by muscles and tendons originating in the forearm.

3 Common Hand Injuries, Splinting, And Therapy
Objectives Become familiar with splint materials and education Overview of common sport related upper extremity injuries seen by Occupational Therapy.

4 Fingerjoint Feeder Tool Kit - Fwsn.org
1 IMIRPprogram coordinated by: In cooperation with the Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia Common Industry Jobs (CIJs) Fingerjoint Feeder

5 Joint Hypermobility And Joint Hypermobility Syndrome
Joint Hypermobility Alan G. Pocinki, M.D. ©2010 2 Hypermobility The Beighton score is used to measure a person’s degree of hyper-mobility. One point is assigned for the ability to …

6 Joint Protection Principles - Department Of Health
X03224 (8/07) – Page 1 of 6 Joint Protection Principles Joint protection principles are a series of techniques which can be included into all activities.

7 Chapter 29 – Fingertip And Nail Bed Injuries
Fingertip and Nail Bed Injuries 287 Subungual Hematoma Many injuries, especially those with a crush component (as when the patient hits a finger with a hammer), result in a subungual hematoma

8 Trigger Finger (stenosing - Hand Clinic
3 Robin E. Miller, OTR/L, CHT, Fort Lauderdale Hand Clinic, Owner and Clinical Director, was proud to be one of the moderators at two sessions of

9 Acupressure Self-help: Daily Practices For Balancing ...
Acupressure Self-Help Daily Practices www.BalanceFlow.com 1

10 Self-range Of Motion Exercises For Shoulders, Arms, Wrists ...
Self-Range of Motion Exercises for Shoulders, Arms, Wrists, Fingers These exercises will help keep your muscles strong and mobile, and your joints

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