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1 Www.asstr.org
We know we're out there. [Ghostwriter's research: Finding all the numbers and doing the divisions on my calculator.] If you hate math, sorry. I teach science and like to illustrate how numbers fit together. Seventy-three percent of boys and 56 percent of girls have intercourse by age 18, according to the web (as if that makes it reliable). As 2 to 17 percent still isn't much compared to 56 ...

2 Home Alone - The Independents
INT: LARGE HOME: NIGHT A policeman, with his back to the camera, stands in the hallway. He tries to get someone two pay attention to him, but everyone ignores him. Two small girls walk down the staircase. A third girl walks up, a fourth girl walks down. They all walk past the policeman as if he didn't exist. He stands alone, with his hands on his hips, expressing exasperation. [ Rejection of ...

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