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1 Querying Banner/oracle Tables From Ms Access - Mead In Kent
Attribute VB_Name = "XL_to_XML" Sub MakeXML() ' create an XML file from an Excel table Dim MyRow As Integer, MyCol As Integer, Temp As String, YesNo As Variant, DefFolder As String Dim XMLFileName As String, XMLRecSetName As String, MyLF As String, RTC1 As Integer Dim RangeOne As String, RangeTwo As String, Tt As String, FldName(99) As String ...

2 Fmwww.bc.edu
"' `_n' *** column length (assume at least 2 columns) local temp1 58 local temp2 58 if `"`outreg2'"'=="outreg2" & `version'>=10 { local column1 v1 local column2 v2 if `version'>=11 { qui ds_util local column1: word 1 of `r(varlist)' local column2: word 2 …

3 Shipmates1. Txt - Navy Veterans - Navetsusa Home Port
_____ We are a Navy Veteran's Organization . . . Ship and shipmate locator pages. Lots of good scuttlebutt here! We have 100's more at http://www.navetsusa.com Please ...

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