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1 Country Codes - Pier2pier
www.pier2pier.com Country code AD Andorra, Principality of AE United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Former Trucial Oman, Trucial States) AF Afghanistan AG Antigua and Barbuda

2 Codes De Pays - Norme Iso 3166 - Lomag-man.org
Ce classeur contient les codes de pays d'après la norme ISO 3166.

3 Www.who.int
ISO-2 code Country Classification of economy Level of epidemic Geographical region UNAIDS region UNICEF region WHO region AF Afghanistan Low income Low East, South and South-East Asia South and South-East Asia South Asia Eastern Mediterranean Region AL Albania Lower–middle income Europe and Central Asia Western and Central Europe Central and Eastern Europe and the …

4 Www.oecd.org
code variables code country abw afg ago aia alb and ant are arg asm atg aus aut bdi bel ben bfa bgd bgr bhr bhs blz bmu bol bra brb brn btn bwa caf can cck che chl ...

5 Countries Of The World.xls - Statvision.com
Country Population Area sq. mi. Pop. Density per sq. mi. EASTERN EUROPE NORTHERN AFRICA OCEANIA WESTERN EUROPE SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA NEAR EAST NORTHERN AMERICA BALTICS Region Net migration Infant mortality GDP $ per capita Literacy % Coastline coast/area ratio ...

6 Www.imf.org
Country Currency Afghanistan 2012 Albania 2008 2011 Algeria Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Haver Analytics Armenia Australia 2011/12 2012/13 Austria Azerbaijan Azerbaijan manat 2006 Bahrain Bangladesh Bangladesh taka Barbados Belarus 2009 Belgium Belize Benin 2010 Bhutan Bhutanese ngultrum 2010/11 Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible marka Botswana Botswana pula Brazil …

7 Country List - Country Names And Geographical Regions
Country Geographical Regions COUNTRY GEOG. REGION COMMENTS Abu Dhabi Middle East and N Africa Up to December 2008, Abu Dhabi. From January 2009, see UAE.

8 Www.ultumus.com
equity exch code iso country dsmd qd qa emts euromts none gb mts belgium mts portugal mts france mts ireland mts amsterdam euwx euwax euwax stuttgart gw de gemx gemma icel ui us iepa intercontinental pfts ua pq roco gretai tt tw russian trading rr ru third mkt corp it treu tradeweb europe limited tradeweb europe trwb tradeweb llc xads abu dhabi securities market ae xalg algiers stock …

9 Unstats.un.org
e Included in Northern Europe for the analysis presented in Chapter 1 – Population and families, Chapter 3 – Education, and Chapter 4 – Work. f Australia and New Zealand are included in Oceania for the analysis presented in Chapter 1 – Population and families, and Chapter 3 – Education.

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Groups List of economies Economy Code Region Income group Lending category Other Afghanistan AFG South Asia Low income IDA HIPC Albania ALB Europe & Central Asia

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