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Disable Facebook Account Permanently

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1 Www.eff.org
Userid - Facebook user id of the account active for the request, View time - date of execution in Pacific Time, IP - source address Content available as long as not deleted by user (page 4) • IP Logs are available for up to ninety days after a user's last login.

2 Www.ungpreporting.org
In deciding which federal candidates to support, Facebook PAC considers whether an individual candidate’s policy stances are consistent with Facebook's public policy agenda and business interests, particularly the individual’s commitment to fostering innovation and an open Internet."

3 Www.eda.admin.ch
permanently underfinanced, and financing systems do not allow flexible responses to the requirements of the target groups. The goal of the NGO Block Grant is to strengthen civil society in

4 Www.vermontjudiciary.org
q) disable a user account The system should have the ability to include the following configurable rule triggers, which may be limited in application to a cases associated with a …

5 Www.eda.admin.ch
• Barrier-free interchange between rail and bus services taking into account the needs of handicapped people. • Reduction of accidents of pedestrians in the vicinity of the railway station. • Increase of number of public transport users.

6 My.stonesoft.com
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7 Annex 2: Pets Control Matrix – Excel Tool (windows Version)
The DNT header is the proposed HTTP header field that requests that a web application disable either its tracking or cross-site user tracking of an individual user. An untraceable payment method that allows users to subscribe to a service anonymously.

8 Www.gailborden.info
Therefore there needs to be a mechanism to either allow users to "permanently" select fields to display or III Help Desk staff could have the ability to set these fields. Right now neither users nor Help Desk staff can change the fields "permanently" displayed.

9 Www.schneier.com
Secure offshore e-mail service account,pgp and ssl capable,realtime storage encryption,ip is not visible, optional to use own domain. Implements secure and anonymous communication using e-mail-like addresses, pioneered in Liberté Linux.