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1 Delrin Data Sheet 2/03
DELRIN ® DELRIN® (Acetal Homopolymer) DELRIN® is a crys-talline plastic which offers an excellent balance of properties that bridge the gap between metals and

2 Delrin® Design Guide Module Iii - Dupont Usa
2 Description Delrin, the world’s first acetal resin, is a highly versatile engineering plastic with metal-like proper-ties. It offers an excellent balance of desirable

3 Dupont Delrin Acetal Resin Molding Guide
1 General Information Description Delrin® acetal resins are semi-crystalline, thermoplastic polymers made by the polymerization of formaldehyde, and are also

4 Delrin Homopolymer Material Specifications
Title: Delrin Material Specifications - Technical Products, Inc. Author: wbresina@gmail.com Created Date: 4/9/2018 3:49:49 PM

5 Delrin® Design Information - Dupont
Speciality grades Higher stiffness grades (separate data sheets available) Grade Process Characteristics Typical applications DELRIN® 510GR Injection DELRIN® 510GR is a 10% glass fibre reinforced, Parts requiring very high strength and stiffness.

6 Delrin - Cpinfo.net
Product Information Delrin® acetal resin Delrin 100ST NC010 Delrin® 100ST NC010 is a super tough, high viscosity acetal homopolymer grade with superio

7 Delrin Acabou Final - Dupont.com
e ao desgaste. Aplicações: Peças que requeiram baixo coeficiente de atrito, alta resistência à abrasão e ao desgaste, como em mancais. Delrin® 500 CL

8 Delrin 100 Nc010 - Cpinfo.net
Product Information Delrinfi 100 NC010 Thermal Deflection Temperature ISO 75f °C (°F) 0.45MPa 165 (329) 1.80MPa 98 (210) Melting Temperature ISO 11357-1/-3 °C (°F)

9 Delrin 100p Bk602 - Automchina.com
Product Information Delrinfi 100P BK602 Temperature Index RTI, Electrical UL 746B °C 0.75mm 50 1.5mm 110 3.0mm 110 RTI, Impact UL 746B °C 0.75mm 50

10 Material Safety Data Sheet Section 1 - Alro Steel
msds #0900 quadrant epp page 2 section 4 emergency first aid if exposed to fumes from overheating, move to fresh air. consult a physician if symptoms persist.

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