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1 Reed-solomon (rs) Codes - Ecc) Page
/* rs.c */ /* This program is an encoder/decoder for Reed-Solomon codes. Encoding is in systematic form, decoding via the Berlekamp iterative algorithm.

2 Fmwww.bc.edu
"' `_n' *** column length (assume at least 2 columns) local temp1 58 local temp2 58 if `"`outreg2'"'=="outreg2" & `version'>=10 { local column1 v1 local column2 v2 if `version'>=11 { qui ds_util local column1: word 1 of `r(varlist)' local column2: word 2 …

3 Ftp.sas.com
@21 PHONE $13.; ***Extract the last name from NAME; LAST_NAME = SCAN(NAME,-1,' '); /* Scans from the right */ DATALINES; Jeff W. Snoker (908)782-4382 Raymond Albert (732)235-4444 Steven J. Foster (201)567-9876 Jose Romerez (516)593-2377 ; PROC REPORT DATA=FIRST_LAST NOWD; TITLE "Names and Phone Numbers in Alphabetical Order (by Last Name)"; COLUMNS NAME PHONE LAST_NAME; DEFINE …

4 Dos 6.2 Config.sys Menu's For Dummies - Uncreative Labs
DOS 6.2 CONFIG.SYS Menu's for Dummies or How to make multiple configurations run on your computer. Several people on CompuServe Tandy and IBM forums have asked how to utilize the DOS 6.2 menu commands in the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files to create multiple configuration selections for the computer.

5 Rfc 2327 - Sdp: Session Description Protocol
The TTL and the address together define the scope with which multicast packets sent in this conference will be sent. TTL values must be in the range 0-255. The TTL for the session is appended to the address using a slash as a separator. An example is: c=IN IP4 Hierarchical or layered encoding schemes are data streams where the encoding from a single media source is split into a ...

6 Rfc 3986 - Internet Engineering Task Force
Berners-Lee, et al. Standards Track [Page 39] RFC 3986 URI Generic Syntax January 2005 Protocols and data formats often limit some URI comparisons to simple string comparison, based on the theory that people and implementations will, in their own best interest, be consistent in providing URI references, or at least consistent enough to negate any efficiency that might be obtained from further ...

7 Cetus.sakura.ne.jp
diff -urN jpeg-6bx-1.01/config.guess jpeg-6bx-1.02/config.guess --- jpeg-6bx-1.01/config.guess 2006-01-10 09:00:00.000000000 +0900 +++ jpeg-6bx-1.02/config.guess 2006 ...

8 Ieeeconf.cls - Css.paperplaza.net
%%***** %% % % Available class options % (e.g., \documentclass[10pt,conference]{ieeeconf} % % *** choose only one from each category *** % % 9pt, 10pt, 11pt, 12pt % Sets normal font size. The default is 10pt. % % conference, journal, technote, peerreview, peerreviewca % determines format mode - conference papers, journal papers, % correspondence papers (technotes), or peer review papers. The ...

9 Libpng-manual.txt – A ... - Libpng.org: Top Level
Libpng was written as a companion to the PNG specification, as a way of reducing the amount of time and effort it takes to support the PNG file format in application programs. The PNG specification (second edition), November 2003, is available as a W3C Recommendation and as an ISO Standard (ISO/IEC 15948:2004 (E)) at . It is technically equivalent to the PNG specification (second edition) but ...

10 Ucd-snmp-mib::systemstats
UCD-SNMP-MIB DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN -- Design notes: -- -- The design of this mib may seem unusual in parts, as it was -- designed for ease of numerical management routines.

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