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Dark Walnut Wood

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B. Section 06100 - Rough Carpentry: Wood stud framing, furring, and sheathing for support of aluminum soffits. C. Section 07210 - Building Insulation: Rigid thermal insulation installed behind siding.

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The Jazzy collection comprises six different popular shades of ash wood floors including dark walnut, caramel, anthracite and pearl. The new collection is designed to capture the timeless essence of the early 20th-century jazz scene in a way that beautifully complements classical and contemporary interiors alike. The spirit of this era and the artistic inspiration behind the new collection are ...

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D. Bonded Sublimated Film Finishes: Alluminate Premium Wood Finishes use a polyurethane powder coat with ink based wood grain patterns sublimated into the base powder effectively tattooing the powder. The combined effect creates all the aesthetic aspects of real wood while offering the same environmental advantages of powder coated finishes.

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C. Powder Coated Wood Grain Finish: Stainless steel with a textured powder coated wood grain finish on exposed surfaces. ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select one of the following wood species grain and color paragraphs as required and delete the ones not required.

5 The Materials Of A Group Of Late Fifteenth-century ...
Dark green lattice pattern on textile: medium, walnut oil (note 6). Grass in landscape on right: artificial malachite and lead-tin yellow. Tree on right: artificial malachite, azurite and natural malachite with a discoloured 'copper resinate' type glaze.

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Frame material shall consist of 3/4" solid [insert oak or walnut wood]. Wall width shall be 7/8". Outside radius corners shall be 1-1/2", inside radius shall be 5/8".

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Another variety of translucent brown, also produced by heating – not, in this case, resinous material, but wood or bark – was bistre, a form of tarry soot. It was used in ‘William Feilding, 1st Earl of Denbigh’.

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WOOD: Walnut to about #4000 Mahogany? #4000-5000 range (some maple, uncertain responses) Maple (butterscotch) begins around #5000 range, until about 9500 Mahogany (dark stain) begins around #5000, alternates until 9500, then to 13259 WHEELS: Clear until #1500 Smooth White #1500 until #7500 Serrated Edge #6000 until #13234 (overlaps with previous) Clear #13235 until #13259 (last 25) …

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D. Finish: Clear, Cherry Mahogany, Dark Mahogany, Dark Mahogany Toned, White Washed, Paint Grade, or Custom Finish. All wood surfaces are finished with a catalyzed lacquer applied in two coats with hand sanding between coats, sealed with a moisture resistant top coat. (Not applicable to plastic laminate lockers)