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Daily Routine Worksheet

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1 Daily Routine - Handout - Englishatiessf.webs.com
Daily routine Worksheet 7 Lesley is an ESOL teacher at Hackney College in London. On weekdays she always gets up at about 7 o’clock. She has a shower and then she has breakfast with her husband and daughter. After breakfast she brushes her teeth and gets dressed and then she takes her daughter to school. She goes to college by bicycle at 8.30 and she starts work at 9 o’clock. At about 1.30 ...

2 Daily Routines - Pdf Worksheet - My Caelab
daIIlyy rrooutIInneess mmaattcchhiinngg wwoorrkksheeett waannssweerr kkeeyy 1) 2)have breakfast 3) play games have lessons 4) do homework 5) sleep

3 Vocabulary: Daily Routine - British Council Learnenglish Teens
Vocabulary: Daily routine 2. Check your vocabulary: matching Match the vocabulary with the correct definition and write a–j next to the numbers 1–10.

4 Daily Activities - Pdf Handout - All Things Topics
Use your notes and write about your own daily routine, from the time you usually wake up in the morning until the time you fall asleep at night (or write about a classmate). Use the …

5 Ma JournÉe Que Fais-tu? - Agreenmouse.com
Daily Routine in French Worksheet - Verb Practice: https://youtu.be/WPS6x6g_QGI Fill in the gaps with the correct version of the infinitive verbs in brackets.

6 Daily Routines Worksheet - Elcivics.com
Note: Permission is granted to reproduce this ESL worksheet for non-commercial use. Visit us online at www.elcivics.com for more free ESL and EL Civics lesson activities.

7 Daily Routines: Worksheet 3 - Ning
• To present and practice typical daily routines in a meaningful way as well as to practice pronunciation and recognition of these routines.

8 Name: Date: Reading Worksheet Daily Routines
READING WORKSHEET Daily Routines Aims Reading comprehension practice Level Beginner to Elementary TV before bank.

9 Routines And Habits Lesson Plan - British Council | Bbc
• Each child can illustrate their daily routine with a simple comic strip. Fold an A4 Fold an A4 sheet of paper into 8 and open it up again so that there are eight squares.

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ANSWERS A 1 I clen my teeth. 6 At 4 arrive at my house. I clean my teeth. I get home at 4. 2 I wake up at 11 years old. 7 I do your homework. I wake up at 11.