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1 Introduction To Linux - Boston University
The *Nix (Unix or Linux) file system is a hierarchical directory structure The structure resembles an upside down tree Directories are collections of files and other directories.

2 Linux – The Operating System - Bvicam.in
Linux – The Operating System. Linux is a . freely distributed. operating system that. Manages computer hardware resources (hard disk, I/O devices, Memory etc)

3 Intro To Linux/unix (user Commands) - Welcome To Watson
Intro to Linux/Unix (user commands) Box What is Linux? Open Source Operating system Developed by Linus Trovaldsa the U. of Helsinki in Finland since 1991.

4 A Small Unix Tutorial - University Of Pittsburgh
A Mini UNIX Tutorial What’s UNIX? An operating system run on many servers/workstations Invented by AT&T Bell Labs in late 60’s Currently there are different versions and variants of UNIX such as SunOS, Linux, Solaris, BSD, …

5 Installation Et Configuration D’un Serveur Samba Sous ...
Sous Linux, le partage de fichiers peut être mis en œuvre grâce à NFS, SAMBA et AppleTalk. NFS permet le partage de stations Linux/Unix à stations Linux/Unix uniquement, SAMBA permet un partage entre machines Linux/Unix et machines Windows et AppleTalk permet un partage entre machines Linux/Unix et machines Apple Macintosh. Samba est un ensemble de fichiers sous licence GNU GPL …

6 Linux File Systems – The /proc - Ernet
Linux File systems – The /proc CSL373 - Operating Systems Pawan Jain (2003CS10177) Shashwat Sehgal (2003CS10188) The /proc A pseudo file system Real time, resides in the virtual memory Tracks the processes running on the machine and the state of the system A new /proc file system is created every time your Linux machine reboots Highly dynamic.

7 Unix User Management - Ubalt.edu
Linux User Management Image source: cover of UNIX System Administration Handbook Basic tasks UNIX Add group (if new group) Create home directories Add users Create passwords Change ownership Change group Change permissions Create initialization files (.cshrc, .login, .profile) Linux add user create password automatically home directory will be ...

8 Unix Makefiles - Florida State University
Unix Makefiles COP 3330 Lecture Notes Dr. David A. Gaitros Introduction The “make” utility in Unix is one of the original tools designed by S. I. Fieldman of AT&T Bell labs circa 1977.