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Connect Azure Powershell

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1. 1 № PrepareMoveRequest –UseLocalObject -Verbose sa UserPrincipalName UsageLocation ESECCONS:STANDARDPACK License aa.javaid@el-seif.com.sa By using this script you can assign MS Office365 License for bulk of users

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The audience will learn how to use Infrastructure as Code, Azure Resource Manager and Azure PowerShell to automate the setup, configuration and deployment of database/application resources used in a cloud based DevOps pipeline.

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One PowerShell script to delete explorer view of the libraries as it is not supported in O365 Customization part yet not faced but its development strategy would depend which type of space (dedicated or multi-tenant ) is bought.

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Office 365 Ignite(Beta) Admin and Automation using PowerShell™ Office 365 Ignite(Beta) Identity and Access Solutions Office 365 Ignite(Beta) Customer Experience and Support Office 365 Ignite(Beta) Directory Synchronization Office 365 Ignite(Beta) Platform Security and Compliance Office 365 Ignite(Beta) Exchange Online Administration DriveTime for Partners - Microsoft SQL Azure - MYOB …

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PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) Define a strategy for auto-scaling Define a strategy for enabling periodic processes and tasks Use web app for containers Design VM Scale Sets Design for compute-intensive tasks using Azure Batch Define a migration strategy from cloud services Recommend use of Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery Design for serverless computing using Azure …

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ServiceControl must connect to an on-premise AD domain that can be disconnected (not being synced with Azure AD, or is configured in a 'Hybrid' AD-integrated mode using ADConnect to sync data changes from AD on-premise to Azure AD

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The 802.1x standard has been adopted and certificates are required for all devices to authenticate before they can connect the network. Unauthorized access is being monitored and detected Unauthorized access is being monitored and detected

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Microsoft Azure 1.1.1.a Examine documented procedures to verify there is a formal process for testing and approval of all: ... malicious individuals that gain unauthorized access to the wireless network can easily connect to the CDE and compromise account information. Firewalls must be installed between all wireless networks and the CDE, regardless of the purpose of the environment to which ...

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Managing Volumes Using PowerShell PowerShell Volume Management Facts Create Volumes 2.5.10 Volume Resizing Creating Mount Points and Extending Volumes Shrinking and Splitting Partitions Add Space to an Existing Volume Resize Existing Volumes Create a Mount Point 2.6.6 Volume Resizing Facts 2.6.7 RAID RAID Facts Configuring a RAID Array RAID Configuration Facts Create RAID Arrays …