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Commonly Used Idioms

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Additionally, In the Loop includes categories of commonly used idioms and suggestions to the teacher to aid in developing classroom exercises for learning the meanings and uses of idioms. In essence, this book is intended to be both a teaching tool and a reference.

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224) Qualitative research is used in international marketing research to formulate and define a problem more clearly and to determine relevant questions to be examined in research. : Moderate

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High frequency general words: are used regularly in everyday contexts and are defined as “basic words that communicate ideas, feelings, and actions (for example, commonly used adverbs and nouns); proper nouns used through printed matter; and connective words used to join and express complex relationships among sentences” (Daines, 1982, p. 120).

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Some idioms are known only because they have survived as idioms to this day. In Israel the expressions "good eye" and "bad eye" are still used to mean "generous" and "stingy". Both of these idioms can be found in both the Old and New Testaments (Proverbs 22:9, Proverbs 23:6, Matthew 6:22,23).

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Two commonly-used strategies in parsing are top down or bottom up Top down: start with the start symbol S and try to work down to the sentence s, using the rules in the grammar Bottom up: start with the sentence and try to work back to the start symbol S, using the rules in the grammar A parser can be deterministic or non-deterministic A deterministic parser always knows which rules to use in ...

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This phenomenon is often referred to as idiomiaticity, but it ranges far beyond what is commonly understood by idioms. As a consequence, dictionaries of compound words (i.e. generalized idioms) must be constructed for computer analysis, (and for langage teaching as well), they are classified according to their main syntactic properties:

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Postscript is commonly used by text and graphics formatting programs in communicating information about documents to printers. Although it is not as efficient as a specialized representation for documents and not as perspicuous as a specialized wysiwyg display, Postscript is a programmer-readable representation that facilitates the independent development of formatting programs and printers ...

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Transparent idioms are those whose meaning can be read through the words; in opaque idioms, however, the words obscure the meaning. These concepts are also referred to by the terms motivated and unmotivated respectively (see Philip 2009).

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As is the case when the auxiliary être is used, agreement is always obligatory on the past participle of the reflexive verb (5b). Past participle agreement with direct object clitics is, in contrast, optional at least in certain French dialects (5a). As noted by Sportiche (1998), if reflexive clitics were simply object clitics, this difference would, a priori, be unexpected.