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1 Launcher - Clp-net.jp
LAUNCHER Periphereeripherripheralaal Guidl GuidGuidee Ca CaCathetthehetetteer Advanced Platform Designed for Multiple Interventional Approaches カーブ形状を ...

2 69396 Dbasso 1 Front - Ultra Electronics
Ocean Systems T-1630 SEPIRB Submarine Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon Multi-national NOAA Navy Submarine 1 Search and rescue satellites Ground receiving station

3 Longbow Missile And Fire Control Radar - Northrop Grumman
Longbow™ Fire Control Radar and RF Longbow HELLFIRE™ Fire-and-Forget Missile for the Apache

4 40mm Exact Impact™ Sponge Round
Projectile. Diameter 1.60 in / 40 mm Length 4.00 in / 10.2 cm Count 1 Velocity 325 fps / 99 mps Minimum Safe Range 5 ft / 1.5 m Maximum Effective Range 131 ft / 40 m

5 Mk 56 Guided Missile Vertical Launching System (gmvls) For ...
RIM-162 ESSM MK 56 Guided Missile Vertical Launching GMVLS MK 56 Launcher Physical Characteristics ESSM Missiles 4 12 32 Width (cm) 173 366 477 Depth (cm) 132 271 417

6 Subscu T - Ultra Electronics
Ocean Systems SUBSCU T A 7.5cm reactive, expendable torpedo decoy based on the Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems proven Reactive Acoustic Module (REAM) and

7 Arrow Tuning And M G - Wvac
2 Arrow Tuning and Maintenance Guide Fig. 3 - Nodes Arrow Nodes - As the arrow oscillates, the nodes remain in direct alignment to the target. This diagram clearly

8 Army Integrated Air And Missile Defense (aiamd) System Of ...
Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense System (AIAMD) AIAMD integrates sensors and weapons and a common battle command across a single, Integrated Fire Control Network (IFCN).

9 U.s. Army Report And Message Formats
Voice Message Template Formats U.S. Army Report and Message Formats 30 September 2009 FM 6.99.2, C1 15 AIR SUPPORT REQUEST [AIRSUPREQ] (CONTINUED)

10 Ni Usb-5133 Specifications - National Instruments
DEVICE SPECIFICATIONS NI USB-5133 100 MS/s Bus-Powered USB Oscilloscope This document lists specifications for the NI USB-5133 (NI 5133). Unless otherwise noted, these specifications are valid for the following conditions:

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