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Church Membership Statistics

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1 United Church Statistics
United Church Statistics The United Church is Canada’s largest Protestant denomination, with over 2 million Canadians who, when asked by Statistics Canada in 2011, identified their religion as United Church.

2 2015 Annual Statistical Report - Adventist Archives
2015 Annual Statistical Report ... for the Year Ending December 31, 2013 (including year-end membership statistics for 2014) ABOUT THIS REPORT: LOOKING BACK OVER A QUINQUENNIUM OF CHANGE Changes in the Report.—This is the 151st annual report of Seventh-day Adventist statistics, the 108th report published as a standalone volume, …

3 2016 Annual Statistical Report - Adventist Archives
2016 Annual Statistical Report ... Missions, and Institutions Throughout the World for the Year Ending December 31, 2014 (including year-end membership statistics for 2015) ABOUT THIS REPORT: A RECORD YEAR FOR CHURCH GROWTH About this Edition of the ASR. This, the 152nd annual report of Seventh-day Adventist statistics, …

4 Churches Of Christ In The United States
Statistical Summary by State / Territory CHURCHES OF CHRIST in the UNITED STATES The chart below provides an overview of historically a cappella Church of Christ congregations throughout the United

5 Fall 2016 Statistical Profile - Uccfiles.com
look at overall church location, size, membership, ministerial demographics, and stewardship and finances. Information for the profile was drawn primarily from data reported through the UCC Data Hub annually for the production of the UCC

6 No15 Uk Christianity 2005-2015
§ 0.2 Introduction: UK Christianity 2005-2015 Page 2 Figure 2: Percentage of the Population who are Church Members 1900-2020 Figure 2 shows that the proport ion of the populati on who are church members has dropp ed fair ly consiste ntly since 1900

7 Church Membership - Ekklesia Project
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE JOURNEY By John McFadden and David McCarthy Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 West 8th Ave, Ste. 3, …

8 Annual Statistics From The General Secretary's Reports
Church of the Nazarene Growth, 2006-2016 Annual Statistics from the General Secretary's Reports Total membership is now 2,471,553. 0K 400K 800K 1200K

9 The Lutheran World Federation – 2013 Membership Figures
4 Lutheran World Information No. 02/2014 The Lutheran World Federation – 2013 Membership Figures Summary The following figures give the membership of the 140 member churches (M), two associate members (AM), 10 recognized