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Chinese Visa For Us Citizen

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1 Visa Information For China Form - Passport Visas Express
1.2 Chinese Name: Fill in your Chinese name in Chinese characters if applicable. This applies to those born in This applies to those born in China PRC, Taiwan, Macau or Hong Kong.

2 China Tourist Visa Application Pack
D Relative of Chinese citizen(s) living in China aplpying for a visa for visit no more than 180 days E Relative of foreigner(s) with permanent residence status in

3 General Guidance For How To Apply For Chinese Visa
Page 1 of 7 GENERAL GUIDANCE FOR HOW TO APPLY FOR CHINESE VISA (15 July 2012) PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY. IMPORTANT 1) The applicant must be in New Zealand at the time when the application is lodged.

4 中华人民共和国签证申请表 - Us Passport Service ...
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5 Important Instructions For China Visa Application
Important Instructions for China Visa Application The China Visa Application is below on Pages 2 - 5. Please review these important notes. The application form must be typed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

6 List Of Agreements On Mutual Visa Exemption - Mfa.gov.cn
List of Agreements on Mutual Visa Exemption Between the People ’s Republic of China and Foreign Countries (In alphabetical order of foreign countries)

7 Documents You Will Need To Provide - Visa For China
including a copy of their Chinese ID Card or passport photograph page and valid visa for China. — PROOF OF RELATION – If visiting a family member, please also provide proof of the relation i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificate.

8 Visa Requirements For Foreigners Travelling To ... - …
visa requirements for foreigners travelling to the bahamas country name document requirement visa requirement visit period abu dhabi (see uae)

9 中华人民共和国签证申请表 - China-embassy.org
Form V.2013 . 中华人民共和国签证申请表. Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China (For the Mainland of China only) 申请人必须如实、完整、清楚地填写本表格。

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